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The benefits of working with Woo include:



Our rates are based on word count, as that’s how we typically charge our clients. Rates vary depending on the specific project, however we are competitive and many of our writers have been part of our team for years.
It depends, our core team of writers make the majority of their income from Woo, however more specialist campaigns are less frequent than mainstream industries, so it depends on your expertise and availability.
We will contact you as soon as we confirm we have a campaign on the horizon. Of course, clients often change their strategy and timelines so we have to be flexible, but we will always try and give you as much notice as possible.
We have clients from all manner of industries, but typical ones include travel, lifestyle, finance, gaming, property and tech.
Absolutely, we will ask you to write at least three pieces of content as a trial, which is paid. We never commit to ongoing work until both parties are happy to proceed.
No you don’t, but we ask for open lines of communication, where you let us know your availability week by week, so we can plan accordingly.
Yes. Our briefs are as thorough as possible and we have standard brief templates that we can show you before you commit to working with us for the long term.
Yes. Our writer agreement details that you’ll commit to doing up to three rounds of revisions, as required by the client.
Yes, 100%. We don’t use writers unless they have a proven track record of delivering quality content in a specific industry – whether it’s for a company, brand, magazine or website.
Send your CV, portfolio and with a brief cover email to [email protected] – we’ll be happy to hear from you.