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Why Work With A Copywriting Agency?

Why should you work with a copywriting agency?

Have you ever bought something you read about just because you felt it spoke to you? Or do you visit the same website repeatedly to read through their articles?  If your answer is yes, then you are on the right track. The content that you read and made you feel that way is the work of a copywriting agency. The content you read is called copy.

To reach customers, you have to go online. However, getting them to keep coming to your website is a different challenge altogether. Every business you can think of now has a website, and they are all after the same customer. They are spending millions on their marketing, but see little to no return. Why? In most cases, the money goes towards campaigns and content created by their internal marketing teams.

Once in a while, some outside help is needed, and this is where copywriters come into play. Here are some compelling reasons why you should work with a copywriting agency:

1. What does copywriting mean?

A copywriting service involves developing written material to gain new customers or increase the brand awareness of a company. A copywriter will provide you with copy that you can use across digital platforms to generate traffic to your website. Blogs, social media posts and tag lines are all referred to as copy.

2. Is it something anyone can do?

No. There is a whole process behind creating copy that requires time and specific skills. You may have the best team, but copywriters offer an unbiased look of your business. They will offer a fresh perspective that your staff will not have.   

3. What happens next?

It all depends on what you want to achieve. Copywriters handle multiple projects, all unique as per the business needs. Ideally, you need to consider the key goals of a copywriting project – it could be user engagement, lead generation, sales copy – the list is endless.

Here is an example of how a copywriting project would work in practice:

  • You will have an initial meeting with the team to understand the copywriting task
  • A brief to set clear objectives of the project needs to be prepared.
    You will need to provide more information on what you want to achieve. Questions will revolve around your business, for example, locations, operations and customers. Information on the target audience is also critical. All this is useful in developing the ideal copy. As you can see, copywriting involves more than just writing words
  • A quotation will be submitted for your approval, upon which if you agree, the project begins
  • Further research takes place on the agency side, then a draft is delivered.
  • Any edits you may have requested will be done, then the final copy is given to you.

The whole process is not as straightforward as above. It all depends on the scope of the project. If it is a blog or sales copy, you should get it in a few days. But some projects can be long-term ones run over several months. Also, additional input may be required from a content writing service, which most agencies have in-house.

4. How do I pick an agency?

To identify a good copywriter, this is what you look for:

  • Google them

    If you can find them online, that is a good start. After all, the work you are hiring the agency for is for online use.

  • Their portfolio

    The type of clients that an agency deals with is a good indication of the quality of work you should expect.

  • Client testimonials

    You can find these on the agency’s website.

  • Experience

    An agency that has some years under its belt is your best bet. They know what they are doing, and will do it well.

  • Price

    Yes, price is an indicator of an agency’s capabilities. Quality does not come cheap. As seen earlier, a lot of work goes into creating copy. There is some investment done on their side too. It does not mean that you blow your whole year marketing budget, but an exceptionally low price should be a red flag.

There are many benefits you enjoy when working with a copywriter. Below are some of them:

  • They are not an ongoing cost

    When working with an agency, you are buying on demand. You only pay when you need it.

  • They give you a fresh perspective of your business

    Copywriters are unbiased and look at your business from the consumers’ point of view. A big part of writing copy involves research. They analyse different sections of your customers and competition before creating the copy.

  • They articulate your brand

    Copywriters understand and write in the language of your customers. Your brand is always the top priority when creating a sales copy.

  • You are guaranteed a return on investment

    The copy you get is to achieve results. Whether it is for user engagement, lead generation or brand awareness, they will get it done. You continue experiencing these results long after they are gone. They are specialists in persuasion. They know what buttons to push in your potential customers and use words to do it. Besides, your fellow business owners are using them, so you should be, too!

A copywriting agency is your best bet of getting ahead of your competition. They will help you better connect with your audience and at the same time, earn you revenue. If you find that your business is not achieving as you expect, do consider using a copywriting agency. They have the skills to boost your brand’s fortunes.