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Why Infographics Still Have A Part To Play In Your Content Strategy

Some people believe that infographics have had their day. It’s true that five to 10 years ago, they were everywhere, and were a regular fixture of high-profile websites and magazines. But when done well, a top-quality infographic is still the perfect way to present complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

Infographics tell a story, they’re highly shareable and they help engage people with your brand. Here are some key reasons why infographics should be part of your content strategy.

Infographics are linkable

This is one of the greatest strengths of an infographic – they’re incredibly linkable. Often, writers don’t want to embed a complicated graphic on their site, so instead, they’ll take a screengrab and simply link to it. That way, the reader gets to see how it looks, and they have the option to click through to find out more. Everyone’s a winner.

Holiday Infographic


Infographics are shareable

If you see something you like online, you’ll want to share it. And good infographics resonate with people, persuading them to share them with friends and colleagues. In a former role, I used to be responsible for overseeing infographics, and we always made sure we chopped them up into solo cards to share over our social media channels. They were always well received, and we made sure that infographics were a regular part of our content strategy.

Infographics are easy to understand

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the beauty of infographics is that they explain in a relatively short, simple way what would take considerably longer to do with words. Infographics are great at breaking down fiddly concepts and giving people a clear idea of the subject under discussion. Not only that, but with people spending less than 15 seconds looking at a website, infographics are the smart choice.

Infographics tell a story

You can design the prettiest infographic in the world, but it still needs to tell a story. This should be why you’re using an infographic in the first place, so never forget the powerful way that they can educate your audience. You might want to:

  • discuss the history of a brand
  • compare sales of a sector across multiple countries, or
  • explain the manufacturing process behind a commodity

Infographics let you do this, and turn a story into something compelling for your audience.

Horror Infographic

People prefer images to text

We’re a copywriting agency, and we hate to say it, but it’s true: people prefer looking at images than text. If you hear a fact or piece of information, you have a 10% chance of remembering three days later. But if there’s a picture accompanying it, that figure rises to 65%. This stat alone should be enough to convince you of the power of the infographic. But graphics and imagery should always form part of your content marketing in any case. No one wants to be presented with wave after wave of text. Infographics provide the necessary balance for your brand.

Infographics can increase sales 

A big claim, but it’s true – use an infographic in the right way, and your sales will increase. Let’s say you’re a travel brand selling ski holidays. Customers want to make an informed choice between resorts. So, you produce an infographic giving them an at-a-glance view on monthly snowfall figures, ski-piste quality, nightlife, and transfer times. That saves them from clicking on endless pages trying to make a comparison. You’ve done the hard work for them, and that could well turn into more sales for you.

Infographics give you and your brand credibility

If you start creating info-packed infographics that are liked and shared, you’re well on your way to be regarded as an expert in your field. Such content encourages trust and loyalty among customers, and is priceless in competitive industries. 

These magnificent seven reasons have hopefully convinced you why you should make infographics part of your content strategy. Done well, they’re a fantastic piece of content marketing, and they will make a significant impact in attracting new people to your brand. 

If you’ve decided that your brand will benefit from an infographic or two, then get in touch with us today.