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Why E-Commerce Will Grow Post-Covid

E-Commerce Will Only Grow in Importance Post-Covid

The world is in an unprecedented situation that’s affecting most, if not all businesses. We are in uncertain times and no one knows when we can go back to our usual ways pre-Covid.

Businesses are facing a lot of hurdles with some even closing their doors permanently. To survive, companies are going to have to adapt to the situation we find ourselves in. We can hope things get better soon, but for now, they must play the hand they’re dealt until the economy gets back to normal.

The Rise of E-Commerce in 2020

The way consumers have adapted has been turning to e-commerce for their products. At the beginning of the year, a majority of over-60s found that shopping online wasn’t reliable. This has now changed, and many rely solely on e-commerce for groceries and other necessary items. 

The trend in online shopping has predictably risen considerably this year – you only need to look at the numbers for evidence of this. In the first quarter of this year, Amazon’s sales in north America increased by 29%, and worldwide they were 18%. Grocery sales were no different and saw a growth of 8% compared to 1% previously. 

Businesses should be taking note of this increase and if they are not already in e-commerce, they should be. This is the case in not only direct product sales but all businesses. To take advantage of the online trend, it’s best to use an SEO copywriting agency who are experts in this field. You will see an increase in sales or use of your services as more consumers will view your site. 

You need to be ahead of your competition, particularly in times like this. Keeping up with the trends in the market and increasing exposure to your brand is imperative. It could be the difference between keeping the business afloat or going bust.

Overall, it’s important for all businesses to have an online presence, not just e-commerce. In today’s digital age, most people are familiar or at least aware of the concept of online shopping and it would be bad business not to get a slice of that pie.

Adapting to the Market

Businesses big and small have had to adapt to the current situation and make massive changes. This ranges from working at home to completely switching their modus operandi. Small businesses face the biggest threat just now, and those that have adapted are the ones that will survive.

They are still lacking when it comes to e-commerce though. If they are to get through these times, they really should make this their number-one goal. They can then hire an expert in SEO copywriting to help boost traffic to their site, resulting in more sales.

American consumers are no longer spending money the way they used to. This has had an adverse reaction on the retail market and several other industries including health, hotels, entertainment, and hospitality.

Communities have been coming together to help local businesses stay afloat by shopping at their store or using their services. These are the types of businesses that are hardest hit during the pandemic. Other businesses that serve worldwide may feel an adverse reaction to this and lose out as a result.

Keeping Ahead of the Game

From now on, e-commerce businesses will need to keep an eye on the current trends and be careful with their next steps. Implementing strategies to reduce risk while reaching more customers should be a top priority. This includes breaking down their current business model and working out how each sector can be diversified. 

Most importantly though, customer needs and demographics must be paid close attention. The great thing about online is that this can be made simple and all this information is at your fingertips. You can then implement the changes you need to make including optimising your site’s search engine results, increase conversion rates, shorter load times, and making your site look more appealing and user friendly. All these factors, if done correctly, will increase the traffic to your site. First-rate news copywriting agencies can help with this – you should use their expertise to do everything your businesses need online.  

The future is in your hands and this means taking advantage of the growth in mobile shopping. More and more businesses are catching on with this trend and adjusting their sales plan accordingly. There are advanced optimisation tools that can be used for mobile shopping, giving businesses a head start on the competition.

These days businesses should be focusing on their website, especially with the drop in face to face sales. It’s important to connect the advantages of shopping in person to the online experience. This is done by making your website and products as visually appealing as possible. You also want to offer the consumer the fine details they may only be able to discover in-store. This can be as simple as describing the different comfort levels of a sofa, for example, and how one differs from the other in terms of firmness. Consumers can then make their decision simply and efficiently from their mobile phone.

The Customer Always Comes First

Giving the customer as much information and in detail as possible is only one of the factors you need to implement on your site. You need to do more to meet their needs.

The thing about online shopping is it’s not just as simple as posting something online and hoping to get a sale. You need to make their experience as simple and high quality as possible. Everything from offering free delivery, contactable anytime for any queries, and ‘how to’ manuals can all make the difference from someone just browsing and making a purchase.

Let your customers know any changes or protections you may be putting in place due to Covid. Customers should be made aware of what you’re doing to keep them safe if they shop at your store. Are you open, or have your opening times changed? Let them know by displaying this clearly on your site, perhaps with a banner on your homepage.

Consumers want to know they can trust you before making a purchase. Businesses can make simple adjustments to let them know that this is the case. Not only will you boost loyalty, but also boost conversions and profit.

What Now for Businesses?

We can’t predict the future with the current situation going on. Businesses need to make the required changes to keep up with what’s going on and to deliver great service to their customers. If you see something is affecting your business negatively, then change it. One thing you should be changing, if you haven’t already, is to use e-commerce. The huge spike and no sign of slowing down means you are already missing out on potentially massive profits. 

All we can do at the moment is weather the storm and take calculated minimum risks to grow our businesses. Prepare the best you can for the future and stay ahead of the competition.