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Content strategy is key for growing businesses

Reliable, tangible business growth requires more than simply bringing a desirable product to market; it requires a cohesive content strategy, too.

Creating a workable timetable of proposed content allows you to control your online presence, reach, and most critically, engagement with both existing and potential customers. Get content right and you’ll see your efforts translate into sustainable organic growth.

It’s no secret that the most successful businesses develop highly detailed content strategies, but let’s break the process down further to fully understand why this approach yields such valuable results.

1. Savvy customers can spot an advert


Few things can be as off-putting as an old-fashioned hard sell, and with audiences overexposed to them, they have become easy to spot, so what’s the solution? Many experts are now realising that the key is to avoid constant hard selling and complement it with educating – this is where your content strategy comes in.

By giving your audience enough information to make up their own minds, you can generate genuine interest. By remaining in their peripheral vision through regular content posts, alongside informative and transparent advertising, your business will become a go-to choice for potential customers.

2. It’s cheaper than traditional advertising

Investment and growth go hand in hand but can trap you in a cycle of overspending on your marketing budget, which leads to pressure for increased sales. And to generate those, you guessed it – you need to advertise again. A content strategy will lead to you placing your company, products and values in front of a huge number of people without shelling out for expensive (and potentially ineffectual) advertising campaigns.

In the battle of content strategy vs paid advertising, choosing to use social-media channels, email marketing and blog writing can simultaneously shrink your marketing outlay, and when done well, exponentially increase the number of people who are seeing your business. If you’re stuck with where to start, a good copywriting agency can help you develop a coherent and concise marketing strategy for your business.

3. You can answer customer questions before they’re asked


Information is king in the business world, but having to chase for answers can make a potentially hot lead turn cold very quickly. If a customer feels as though they need to lead the dialogue and dig for answers, you are unlikely to keep them interested in your products.

A good content strategy will include perfectly timed information releases with relevant updates, targeted Q&As and topical discussions that keep your business in the forefront of people’s minds. Moreover, you can address previous frequently asked questions to help new customers in their decision-making process.

It’s important to remember that your approach needs to be consistent both on and off the business website and that a coherent message should be maintained. This is where a brand voice can be utilised, to lend authority to different types of content and ensure that they are recognisably yours.

4. Content establishes credibility

The more you talk, the more people listen, and if you’re offering informed, intelligent discourse, audiences will happily recognise you and your business as a reliable source of information. By proxy, this will instil a sense of confidence and credibility in the products you offer.

Take a blog, for example. When a news story breaks that is relevant to your industry, you can jump on the opportunity to self-publish your opinion or standpoint and demonstrate how your company will react to the news. Adding links to the original story could get you reposted and shared, too. Do this regularly enough and you’ll soon become known for your industry expertise.

5. It’s adaptable to new technology

When you realise that 90% of mobile users spend their time on apps, as opposed to the web, the importance of adaptable content comes into clear view. Audiences want up-to-date information delivered in an easy format. It’s why apps, developed as part of a content strategy, are so useful.

Being able to offer your audience access to articles, product updates and even videos will open up the way you communicate and allow you to create a unique voice. Essentially, your app and content strategy can become your niche, which is critical in a competitive industry.

Content is king

As Kristina Halvorson, author of Content Strategy for the Web, says: ‘High-quality web content that’s useful, usable, and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online.’ Crafting a voice and consistently looking for new and engaging ways to have it reach your preferred audience’s ears allows for the development of more personal relationships.

From here, it’s a case of building confidence in your growing business.

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