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Why bother outsourcing your copywriting?

The saying goes that you only get one chance to make a first impression. For users, your written copy delivers exactly that.

Effective copy not only appeals directly to its target audience but echoes your brand identity, establishes yours as a knowledgeable voice and is underpinned by SEO copywriting best practice. Businesses depend on good copywriting, yet producing everything in-house can be a significant drain on time and resources.

Outsourcing your writing is no longer seen as the industry taboo it once was. In fact, some 64% of B2B marketers are thought to be turning to remote teams for copy creation and content strategy services. Even so, deciding to outsource your own writing can be daunting. First, there’s finding a copywriter who can work to your briefs and specifications, then there’s ensuring that they have a strong grasp of your brand, your tone and your audience. Put simply, the process can easily feel like more hassle than it’s worth.

Ultimately it’s all about understanding the pros and cons of outsourcing your copywriting and making the right decision for your business. With that in mind, here are just a few reasons to consider outsourcing your copywriting in the future.

Save time and resources

Writing good copy is one of many tasks that can never be ticked off the list completely. Audiences expect a constant stream of fresh, engaging content from the brands they interact with online. The scale of which often isn’t feasible to be managed in-house. In fact, 90% of consumers like seeing custom content from the brands they love. Outsourcing your copywriting can be hugely beneficial in terms of time-saving, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on other core areas of your business, such as strategic planning or customer service.

Deliver content that’s optimised for search

The most effective copy is underpinned by a strong knowledge of SEO – benefiting your brand’s SERP performance and pulling in organic traffic from across the web. You’re not only writing for people, but also for search. After all, even the most compelling content is little use if it’s not being discovered by its intended audience.

Experienced copywriters will already have a view of how best to optimise written content for search engines. For our writers in particular, writing for people, search, design and user experience (UX) is all part and parcel of the copywriting services that we offer. One of the biggest benefits of working with a professional copywriter is that many features of writing that are integral to search – the organic insertion of keywords that are beneficial to your audience, for instance – already come naturally.

Develop a flexible working plan

While often overlooked, flexibility is a key benefit of outsourcing your copy. The ability to produce content as and when it’s needed is valuable for many businesses. It frees them from the obligations and additional costs that come with hiring a writer in-house. In other words, the process is entirely scalable to fit the specific requirements of your business as it grows.

Depend on the skill of copywriters

Of course, the primary benefit of outsourcing your copywriting is the confidence that comes with leaving your copy in the hands of a professional. Even if you’re confident in your own writing ability, producing a steady stream of copy that hits all the right marks for people and search is a tall order. Especially when it’s just one of a never-ending list of tasks.

The art of copywriting depends on far more than arranging words in a way that’s coherent. Effective copy fulfils its purpose, whether that be to inform, to convince, or simply to entertain. A good copywriter is one that is able to adapt to almost any writing style. They will display a keen willingness to promote your brand in the best possible light.

Top tips for outsourcing your copywriting

– Don’t be shy about asking for examples of previous work before choosing a copywriting agency. In niche markets, it can be particularly useful to see examples that relate directly to your industry.

– Finding a copywriter that’s a good fit for your business takes time. Be prepared to shop around and source quotes from as many agencies and individuals as possible.

– Transparency is key. Establishing your budget and expectations early on in the process will save you wasting time on something that’s never going to be the right fit. Keep the lines of communication open and clearly demonstrate exactly what it is you’re looking for from a copywriter from the beginning.

If outsourcing and securing high-quality content seems like a viable option for your business, or if you’re just interested in learning more about our content services, get in touch with the team today.