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What to Do If You’re Not Getting the Most From Your Copywriting Agency

Finding the right copywriting agency for your brand or business is crucial. A good fit will work alongside your in-house team to develop quality copy that underpins your ongoing content strategy.

They’ll have insight into your wider business goals and a commitment to producing written content focused on achieving them.

The process of choosing the right copywriting agency should, therefore, be similar to finding any other member of staff. The focus will be on ensuring that they have the capabilities to do the job in hand, while seamlessly fitting into your wider business. So how can you ensure that you’re choosing the right agency for you, and what steps should you take if you feel you’re not getting the most from your existing agency?


What you should expect from your copywriting agency

Each copywriting agency will differ slightly in their approach, however, there are a few key things that you can expect from them all:

• The ability to produce content at the speed and scale required by your business

• A willingness to learn more about your business and its target audience

• An understanding of how written copy fits into your wider content strategy

• Top notch copywriting skills, including spelling, grammar and punctuation


Depending on your business model, it’s likely that other factors will come into account when choosing a copywriting agency too. Finding one that understands how to provide high-quality SEO copywriting services is crucial if you want your content to drive more organic traffic. A multilingual agency is an obvious choice if you’re operating across multiple territories.

Getting the most from your copywriting agency

Hiring a copywriting agency should be a sure-fire way of ensuring that you avoid making common copywriting mistakes, yet it isn’t enough to settle for one that can simply write well. The ultimate aim is to find an agency full of individuals that are right for your brand, and able to deliver content that directly supports your overarching business goals.

If you don’t feel you’re getting the most from your existing agency, the first step is to open the lines of communication and speak to them. Any agency worth their salt will be willing to take your concerns on board and able to deliver effective solutions wherever possible. Quite often teething problems can be ironed out simply by refining the briefing structure or establishing a stronger content revision process.

If you still feel underwhelmed by their performance, it may be time to start looking elsewhere. To avoid facing the same problems again, take a few extra steps to ensure that you’re choosing the best possible agency for your business.


Choosing the right agency for you

Do your research

Don’t be afraid to shop around and get quotes from multiple agencies before making your final decision. Asking questions about previous work and case studies is advised, as you’ll want to get as clear a picture as possible of whether the agency’s style and process is a good fit for your business.

Map out the production process

Each agency is going to have a production process that’s slightly different from the next. Having a strong understanding of how the agency works before entering into a contract will ensure that any issues regarding deadlines and approvals are resolved as early on as possible.

Establish costs and expectations

As with any contract, transparency is key from both sides of the table. Being upfront about what you expect is vital if you’re to ensure that everyone is on the same page right from the beginning. This also gives the agency scope to manage your expectations and define a bespoke content plan moving forward.

Make sure it’s the right fit

Not only should your copywriting agency deliver quality content, they should be able to work as an extension of your existing team. Spend a little time getting to know the people behind the brand in order to get a real feel for how their process and way of working is likely to marry up with yours.


If you’re not getting the most from your existing copywriting agency, there are plenty of ways to ensure that things improve moving forward. The first step is simply to understand exactly what it is you’re looking for from an agency – from which point finding the ideal copywriters for you becomes a much more manageable process.

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