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What Does A Financial Copywriter Do?

The intricacies of the financial services sector are quite challenging when compared with many other fields of business. Hiring a professional financial copywriting service to create content on financial products is important because the industry can be highly demanding.

How a financial copywriting agency goes about getting the job done hinges largely on understanding the industry and being able to express the most confusing concepts in a manner that is easy for readers to understand.

Since it is expected that anyone who operates in financial services can demonstrate a good understanding of the sector and be good with numbers, most people think writing financial content should be a walk in the park. An expert at financial copywriting brings the same to copywriting without losing the audience because of boring industry jargon.

To do this, copywriters treat every reader as a potential client whose thought and choice processes must be understood in conveying the ethos of a brand.

How Valuable Is Financial Copywriting To My Brand?

There are several ways a copywriter can present written content to your customer base. Your company can benefit from brand, services, or product promotion via business-to-business case studies, white papers, blog posts, content for your website, and so on. These are powerful tools to help with brand perception and communicating any information you want your audience to have.

When it comes to developing financial services content, there is no limit to the scope that a copywriter can deliver for a brand. The right copywriter will bring with them a wealth of experience covering different copywriting projects in the past. This will ensure that they are not new to the demands of creating diverse kinds of financial services content.

Different organisations make up the finance industry. They include insurers, asset managers, investment banks, financial advisers, stock exchanges, custom and administration providers, and so on. From the broad and well-established organisations to the smaller, more specialised ones, each company has the responsibility of developing financial content of the highest standard attainable.

The best financial copywriter is one who has previous experience in your niche, or at least one who only works on similar financial services content. A competent copywriter’s repository will include a good command of the following set of subjects:

  • Life insurance trends
  • Trade finance
  • Equity execution
  • Financial regulations and compliance
  • Treasury services
  • Life insurance trends
  • Recent developments in technology

What Is The Job Description Of A Financial Copywriter, And What Type Of Content Do They Produce?

Financial copywriters develop content covering the different needs of their clients; however, typically, jobs centre on online content. They include sales copy, landing pages, blog posts, email marketing, or webpage content. Whatever product or service you want to sell to any audience, a copywriter with financial copywriting skills can boost your sales turn over.

Financial copywriting is quite different from editorial writing or doing news pieces. Good copy needs to have what it takes to persuade any audience to take action on whatever is being sold. Copy is often geared at making the reader subscribe to a service or mailing list, or to buy a product or service. The wording is custom-styled to encourage a specific audience to do this. The ability to create this kind of content is not something the inexperienced can pull off easily.

Apart from creating content from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel, the services of financial copywriters also include proofreading and editing content for clients with a blog or landing page. They can help you correct anything in your copy that you might be unsure of, such as your use of grammar, readability, and delivery. If you require any of these services, hire a financial copywriting agency today.

How Is Financial Copywriting Different From Other Forms Of Writing?

The financial services sector is quite complicated, and rife with strict regulations. To operate in the sector, whether you are giving advice or selling products to your audience, you must comply with these regulations. For this reason, a financial copywriter’s content must meet these industry regulations without dampening the message they want to pass across.

The regulating body for the financial services sector in the UK is the Financial Conduct Authority. They oversee financial promotions in the industry. The message behind any promotional activity or advert must be clear and fair to everyone. There is no room for information that could confuse or mislead your audience. These are just some of the regulations a finance copywriter or financial copywriting agency should know about to avoid non-compliance.

Ambiguous claims are not acceptable in financial copywriting; your copy must be void of any misleading information or errors, even unintentionally. This is the nature of the pressure that comes with developing financial services content.

Do You Have Sufficient Knowledge Of Your Audience?

The world of financial copywriting is vast. Apart from a few disciplines in the sector that cover a very specific audience, your copy will address an audience with different interests. Whatever the subject is, you can develop your sales copy for different sections of your audience, from investment opportunities to retirement finance, off-shore investments, cryptocurrencies, and many more.

Financial content largely focuses on the middle class, who are often career-driven and possess a substantial amount of disposable personal income they can invest. This does not, however, qualify as a broad classification of your target audience. Your content needs to speak to the person your audience desires to be in the future, now.

Your audience comprises of a wide range of personality types, from the moderate to the extreme. Your content needs to pique the interest of these different personality types. You should be able to connect with moderate personalities and those at both extremes: optimistic people on the one hand, and pessimists on the other. You need to understand that some people in your audience might already be subscribed to one or many of your newsletters.

It is these people who require you to deliver content that eliminates any skepticism about your brand whilst offering value consistently. You will have to consider the fact that some of your audience will be hesitant about taking action, irrespective of how much effort you have put into optimising your topics with trending issues.

It is the job of a good financial copywriter to find a way to connect with specific sections of your audience and deliver your message to them effectively.

If your company operates in the financial services sector and you would love a specialist firm to manage your financial copywriting interests, then you should consider hiring a financial copywriting agency that can serve your brand interests.

The business side of the financial services industry is demanding and time-consuming. A team of expert financial copywriters can take over the responsibility of developing your content so you have one less thing to worry about. Let the experts bring the specialist touch to your brand awareness and visibility, and consolidate your position in the financial services marketplace.

If you need help with creating financial content, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch today.