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What Copywriting Agencies Want From Freelancers

There are plenty of copywriting agencies out there, looking for new freelance writers to join their team. But with so much competition in the content writing industry you’ll need to stand out from the crowd, and show that you’ve got the skills they’re looking for.

Copywriting agencies want so much more than just someone who can write an article. So if you’re interested in working freelance for a copywriting agency, read our guide to discover just what they’re looking for.


As a freelance writer you need to be able to manage your time well. Copywriting agencies want to know you’re reliable, and that if they give you work you’ll be able stick to the deadlines and get it done. Having a freelance writer who can stay within a deadline is essential to any business, and especially to copywriting agencies.

You can prove yourself as a reliable copywriter by turning up on time for an interview, sending back trial articles promptly, and when you start your position, finishing pieces within your allocated deadline. If you have any queries relating to the work, ask them early so they can get resolved and you’re not wasting your time going down the wrong path.

Consistency of quality

Just seconds behind reliability is consistency of quality. Copywriting agencies have high standards and want to see that each article you write has been given the same amount of attention to detail. Make sure each article is meticulously edited and proof read, so that the consistency remains the same between them. Of course, everyone has their specialisms, and areas of writing they excel in, but put some extra effort into new areas and they could be your specialisms of the future. Agencies need to know you can be given a task, and keep up a high standard of work, without needing to be micromanaged or heavily edited.


Often in the freelance copywriting world you’ll need to be flexible with your hours. One week you may have quite a lot of work, while the next could be slow. Copywriting agencies are looking for someone who would be okay with this eventuality. They want someone flexible enough to up their game or shuffle workloads to fit in extra work. And also use time wisely when you have more if it – putting more effort into research to make the work that much better. It’ll also show what you can do as a copywriter given more leeway.

Of course flexibility also has it’s advantages for copywriters – they can work from home or in a coffee shop, work evenings and have mornings free, and choose their working days to an extent. No more 9-5 in the office. Its all about give and take, so show that you’re flexible with your hours and agencies will love you for it.

Understanding the brief and brand

When it comes to writing the actual content, copywriting agencies want to know you can follow a brief. They also need you to research the brand and write within the client’s tone-of-voice. Understanding the brand’s message is vitally important to any copywriting role. You’ll need to write as if you are that brand, and your articles or blogs need to embody it. If you haven’t understood or followed the brief, and have written an article in the wrong tone of voice, it’s going to take more than just proofreading to fix the mistake.

Copywriting agencies are often looking for freelancers who can write in varying styles and tones of voice, to fit with their different clients. But within each piece of content the copywriter must focus on the specific brief in hand and fit it with the particular client’s style. Prove that you understand the brief, the brand’s message, and the audience they are targeting, and you’ll be one sought after copywriter.


Above all copywriting agencies are looking for talent in their freelance writers. It’s one thing to stick to deadlines and be flexible with hours, but if you haven’t got the writing talent you won’t get the job. Copywriting agencies are always looking for new talent, so stand out from the rest by showcasing your writing style and specialisms – like infographics, video game copywriting or video scripts – in a well thought out portfolio with plenty of examples of your work.

Copywriters come from all over, some right out of university, others who worked their way through the writing world. There’s no specific path to becoming a copywriter, but those with a natural flare for words, excellent time management and an eye for the details will go far.

Copywriting agencies may have set the bar high, but you can easily rise above it by practising all of these qualities in your work.

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