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Travel brands killing it on Instagram

The rise of social media has had a huge impact for industries worldwide.


Before the introduction of social platforms, travel brands would have to rely heavily on costly media advertising and email marketing to reach consumers. Changing the way that brands engage and connect with content, social media has allowed instant access worldwide at little to no cost in comparison.


The latest platform to climb to popularity, Instagram now has more than a billion monthly users and this number is growing. A picture tells 1,000 words and Instagram is all about image. Travel brands now recognise that visuals shared on the platform can increase sales, drive online traffic and also build key relationships.


When starting on the social site, it’s not always easy to know what works and what doesn’t. Here are the top travel brands killing it on Instagram.


Airbnb – great storytellers




With 3.8 million followers, Airbnb has focused on the art of storytelling to become a social media success.


Posting up to twice a day, the popular hospitality company tells the story behind each image. Every post centres around a named Airbnb host, facts about their property and a beautiful visual. By adding a personal touch to each image, the channel plays on the emotion of audiences making each property a home rather than just a holiday rental.


With storytelling making up 65% of conversation, this account has people talking worldwide.


Emirates – catch the latest news




Posting to 4.2 million people, the Dubai-based airline is the go-to for all things UAE.


Giving its followers a little bit of everything, the brand doesn’t just stick to jaw-dropping holiday snaps but also acts as an information source. The brand often posts updates on sporting events in the area, news and travel updates. By using the platform as a content hub, the brand increases its reach further than to just service users or visitors.


Skyscanner – the power of influencers


With 60% of consumers admitting they would consider buying a product if promoted by an influencer, the power of this type of marketing should not be underestimated.


Travel company Skyscanner cleverly uses these statistics in its Instagram strategy. Posting incredible images taken by travel influencers worldwide, the brand is able to reach new audiences while receiving streams of content regularly. With more than 85,000 followers, it is a great platform for influencers to gain exposure creating the perfect business arrangement.


Condé Nast Traveler – discover new destinations


Consumers want to know as much information as possible, meaning that the caption is just as important as the image.


This travel magazine avoids tourists hotspots and targets the hidden gems of the world that audiences may not know about. Posting images that contain spectacular views and locations, each post comes with an informative or friendly captions to engage audiences. Using the art of detail, the brand transports two million followers around the world in a single upload.


Soho House – picture-perfect eye for design


According to studies, vision trumps all other senses and consumers can recall 65% of visual content up to three days after seeing it compared to 10% when written.


The famous hotel brand Soho House is known for posting quirky and creative images to engage audiences. Creating their own content, the brand focuses on design and artistic flair to showcase their chains worldwide, and has a reach of 428,000 followers.


With so many travel brands using Instagram to reach audiences, the platform has become highly competitive. Audiences are looking to be inspired, educated and informed. Through the examples above, you can now start using clear strategies to make your brand stand out from the Instagram crowd.


Happy posting!