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How Top Finance Brands Invest in the Power of Content

In the financial service world of numbers, balance sheets and bank accounts, content marketing can often seem like a daunting prospect. However, we’re going to show you how this is possible with a little help from a good copywriting agency.

Finding a fresh angle for what some would consider a dry subject matter is no easy feat. Plus, financial copywriters are often faced with concerns about compliance and the need for disclaimers about financial advice and market predictions. Because of this, two factors remain at the forefront of financial service writing — transparency and authority.

With so much confusing data involved in the financial services industry, transparency helps current and potential customers feel that you are giving them authentic and catch-free advice. Investing in quality content means customers will be more likely to trust your brand above other, less-transparent competitors.

Similarly, becoming an authoritative voice in the industry builds your credibility. Using your inside knowledge of the industry as the basis for your content allows customers to find answers to their complex questions — meanwhile building trust and awareness for your brand.

Below are some examples of excellent content from financial service businesses that balance transparency, authority and brand voice that you can consider adopting for your own content marketing strategy.

Video vs copy: Barclays’ expert use of visual tutorials

Though many may assume that Barclays — a long-time, major player in the financial world — has captured a large enough share of the market. Even this well-known bank needs a fresh content marketing plan.

Barclays’ video tutorials deliver exactly that.

Because of the complexity of technical information they needed to address, Barclays realised that video content is a faster, clearer way of relaying new apps, platforms and functions than traditional printed word. They frequently update their YouTube channel with short — less than two minute — videos on digital safety, saving money online, going digital and more.

With over 600,000 views on their top-watched video, Barclays understands that video content is the way forward in a fast-paced culture looking for bite-sized information to explain intricate topics.

Key takeaways:
Consider using video content to explain complicated topics and meet the needs of today’s time-limited consumers.

Finance and Facebook: an unlikely pairing used by Experian UK

While you may not naturally think of Facebook when you think of financial advice, Experian UK — known for its credit score services — has been using the social platform to engage with potential customers.

Experian’s active presence on the network uses many of its key features, such as Facebook Live, to reach their audience.

Perhaps the most impressive piece of Experian UK’s page is the extensive amount of content the credit score company can create around its credit and financial services. On top of standard advice about credit scores, mortgages, loans, etc., Experian’s most popular content covers relatable topics, such as how to save money on holiday insurance this summer and the steps to mortgaging your first home with your partner.

Meanwhile, Experian also shares relevant information from authoritative sources such as The Telegraph and The Guardian on topics related to credit cards, scores and personal finance.

Finally, Experian does an excellent job of adding calls-to-action to their posts using Facebook’s new reaction feature, allowing people to Like for ‘yes’ and use other reactions for various alternative answers.

Key takeaways: 
Use social media networks to engage with your audience and approach content from new angles. Always keep the customer in mind and answer their questions. This will build brand credibility without seeming too sales-oriented.

Even in a complex and technical industry such as financial services, intriguing content creation is a viable and successful option to garner the attention of your target audience.

When you create simple, easy-to-understand videos, posts and copy, you build trust, competency and relationships with customers that a well-designed website or fancy app simply wouldn’t. Like Barclays and Experian, relating to your audience should come first, and profitable business will soon follow.

If you’re looking for help with your financial services copywriting that will educate and inform your customers, get in touch with WooContent today.