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Top company CMOs lag behind on Twitter

New research by Marketing Land and Interbrand has found that less than a third of marketing executives are using Twitter.

Since its launch in 2006, micro-blogging site Twitter has been an essential resource for global businesses in marketing their products on a more personal level. With more than 300 million monthly active users, the potential for capturing a widespread audience in less than 140 characters is massive. Yet while 96% of businesses are using Twitter as a platform for building a relationship with their consumers, less than a third of the top 100 Global brands, ranked by Interbrand, have their Chief Marketing Officers using active Twitter accounts.

Only 31 CMOs of these top 100 brands had Twitter accounts with Tweets within the last month. This surprisingly small percentage is more shocking, however, when it is learnt that only six of these CMOs have at least 10,000 followers each, the top followed CMO being Phillip Schiller, of Apple, with 165,000 followers. It is interesting to note that Apple has no one primary Twitter account, but rather a multitude of different ones, to represent the different facets of the company.

By offering a mixture of professional and personal life, followers of the brand get a unique point of view of a single company and may be more likely to engage with it. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that of the top 26 companies ranked by Interbrand, 16 had their marketing executives using personal Twitter accounts. Of the top 100 brand accounts, of those without CMOs on Twitter, Google was top, with 11.7 million followers – a massive number, placing it in the top 100 most followed Twitter accounts.

While nearly every top 100 Global brand has at least one Twitter account for actively promoting on social media, with several million followers apiece, it seems curious that marketing executives would not want to tap into that resource on a more personal level. Thanks to Twitter’s stringent 140 character limit per post, little time is taken to deliver snippets of information, draw in customers and promote the brand. Yet the Tweets themselves should also be interesting, with frequent, even daily, updates, a mixture of original posts, retweets, visuals, and customer interaction.

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