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Top 10 benefits of guest posting in 2020

Guest posts are a great way of building links to your website. Also known as guest blogging, writing content for someone else’s website or blog under your name helps you reach a wider audience, too. If your content resonates with them, your readership will build, and readership will bring traffic to your own site.

Guest posting offers incredible benefits, both for you and your brand. Here are our top 10 benefits of guest blogging:

1. Get great feedback

A valuable benefit of a guest post is getting constructive feedback on your marketing strategies and copywriting content. When your blog is uploaded, experts and creators will comment on their thoughts on it.

This feedback can help you improve your content, explore new avenues, and think of new, better ideas. To make things easier, ask readers to comment on your conclusion. Show how valuable their thoughts are to you.

2. Target audience exposure

Imagine you have a gaming website. When you write for a website that also endorses video games, your content will instantly get exposed to your target audience: video-game lovers. This way, when you write a top-quality article, you’ll generate interest.

Guest posting provides a website the one thing it survives and thrives on: traffic. One well-written post has the potential to considerably boost sales.

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3. Boost social media shares

An excellent technique to expand your online reach is to get as many social-media shares as possible. For this, target websites that are socially present and popular.

The more your content is shared, the more interesting it looks in your viewers’ eyes. If you find a blog shared 100 times, it looks much stronger than an article that was shared just a handful of times.

Use this customer psychology to accelerate your online reach exponentially. To make things even better, insert more eye-catching and shareable media in your blog. For example, use vibrant photographs or infographics, which are known to engage viewers three times more than any other content.

4. Hone your content marketing skills

Content marketing skills are essential to keep a steady number of visitors trickling in on your website daily. This sustainable increase is possible if your guest blog encompasses all of these skills.

Be efficient in your research; use an interactive tone suited to engage your specific audience, reach out to influencers, and network as much as you can.

With guest posting, you will be deploying several content marketing skills. With each post, you may not be earning money. However, you are polishing your skills, and soon, you will be successful in attracting heaps of customers your way.

5. Speed up sales

With a guest post, you are no longer waiting around for potential leads to visit your site and slowly become familiar with your value propositions. Instead, you are shortening this sales cycle by representing them on your guest posts. Customers already understand your products and services.

Therefore, make your blogs very readable. Make sure you represent your brand in a good light and adequately explain your services. Then, you will no longer have to tackle a challenging sales funnel.

6. Increase online authority

Amid so many brands competing with your product, guest posting helps you stand out. When an authoritative brand promotes you, customers view your website as a trustworthy source. This way, in a list of several search results, they are likely to pick yours. Guest posting is a means to prove your credibility and authority to customers. It shows that the information you represent is reliable.

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7. Make your backlink profile stronger

Guest posting is one of the many types of link building. Most blogs will allow you to include at least one link to your website. Here is your opportunity to incorporate your brand’s name and link into the article.

A reader will come across this backlink while reading. If your article has grabbed their interest, they are very likely to click on it or at least remember the name of your site for future searches.

A precious technique in SEO, these backlinks will make your site appear in Google search engine results quickly. So, try to guest post on websites relevant to your niche.

8. Gain social-media followers

Guest posts contain content that you have personally customised. It means you can include links to your own social media page or website. Once an authoritative blog will endorse your post and vouch for your brand, viewers will find your social media more appealing and trustworthy.

With this, you can attract many followers to your pages. To maintain these followers, keep posting creative content that they will be interested in, and soon, your media shares and followers will further increase.

9. Personal network growth

With guest posting, you can connect with influencers and become part of a community – something that seemed difficult a few years ago is now straightforward.

For example, websites that allow guest posts to foster a collection of content creators, all of whom will be writing content related to the niche you are also targeting. Here is your chance to not only contribute but also connect with a community of influencers. For instance, many websites join their community through an email thread open to thoughts.

Networking is of significance because you can exchange unique ideas for content, promotions and marketing strategies. Collaborate with writers, market with entrepreneurs, design with creative artists, and see your website grow quickly.

No matter how this community works, you should offer your authorship. Keep your eyes open to partnership opportunities, whether that is interviews, reviews, cross-promotion, or more.

10. Improve brand awareness

Your guest post represents what your brand is about. Always try to make your blog relatable to your brand’s values. Anything that makes your article interesting as well as unique is likely to be enjoyed.

For example, a famous blogger Larry Kim incorporates a conversational tone and humour in his article. He avoids long sentences, and this way engages his reader very cleverly.

Therefore, instil your brand’s voice in your post and let people read, recognise, and remember your brand.

Sustainable web traffic is built on readership. To grow readership, the target audience has to be reach with the content they want. Guest posting lets you do that through an established and popular channel. This strategy in beneficial in the long term.

If you’re interested in using our blogger outreach service, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today.

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