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Top 25 travel influencers to work with in 2019

With the number of social media users set to reach more than 3 billion in 2021, the way that audiences use the internet has changed and developed.


Brands must now keep up-to-date with the latest social trends to stay relevant. As online communications increase in popularity, the need for celebrity endorsement and costly media advertising budgets is significantly lower.


Consumers are now looking to ordinary people to promote the latest products and services, which has led to the rise of influencer marketing. Trusting the recommendations of their favourite blogger accounts, non-celebrity bloggers are 10 times more likely to influence a purchase than a celebrity. In an industry filled with competitors, choosing the right travel influencer to collaborate with is vital to reaching the right audience.


Here are the top 25 travel influencers to work with in 2019.


1) Murad Osmann


Looking to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible? The most-followed travel influencer in 2018 with 4.3m followers, Murad Osmann travels the globe with his wife Nataly. His work came to popularity by the unique camera angle which shows his wife taking his hand and leading him towards incredible landmarks. His #followmeto campaign is followed by thousands.


2) The Blog Abroad


Featured on both Oprah and Forbes, influencer Gloria decided to head to Europe with US$500 after graduation. Seventy-three countries later, she now lives out of her suitcase and works on her blog full-time. Embracing authenticity and creativity, the blog attracts audiences through motivational and encouraging messages.



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3) Izkiz

Celebrating a world of colour, Jennifer Tuffen is a British travel writer and blogger who is perfect for any brand looking for artistic visuals. Followed by millions, Tuffen also created a photo-editing app so fans can capture their own travel highlights.



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4) The Bucket List Family


Selling everything they owned to travel the world, the Gee family visited 65 countries in three years. The go-to for brands looking to attract families, this account inspires parents to see the world with their little ones. Garett, Jessica and their three young children are watched by thousands as they visit popular destinations. Most recently, they have settled in Hawaii, but continue to share their holidays abroad.



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5) FunforLouis


Is your brand all about the adrenaline? Louis Cole has built his following by taking risks. Acknowledged by Forbes as one of the top 10 world travel influencers in 2017, he started by eating unusual local delicacies in various countries. Louis has now set his sights on finding the world’s most exhilarating activities, including flying round the world in a biplane.



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6) Pip and the City

Pippa Jones’ message to her followers is Travel. Eat. Write. Repeat. Capturing bright images around the world, the blog gives handy tips and advice on affordable luxury for young travel enthusiasts.



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7) Mr Ben Brown

If your brand is looking for video content, then Ben Brown is the ideal collaboration for you. With more than 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, Ben uploads daily vlogs in exotic destinations. Ben has worked with big brand names such as BMW, Hilton and LG.



8) Girleatworld

Influencer Melissa Hie is on a mission to ‘eat her way around the world’. The perfect travel account to reach food lovers worldwide, the images focus on the delicacy first and then the location. With thousands waiting for the next tasty treat, it celebrates a much-loved aspect of seeing the world.



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9) Runaway Juno

Leaving her job as a mechanical engineer 2011, Juno Kim is now followed by thousands as she uploads photos and blogs about her travels. Highlighting the social aspect of travelling, she focuses on the inspirational stories of the people she meets along the way.



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10) Rosie The Londoner

Being a travel influencer doesn’t always mean you have to cross the globe – and influencer Rosie Thomas has realised just this. An expert in all things London, the blog recommends hotels, restaurants and hidden gems in the city. Working with fashion brands such as Michael Kors, she is one to approach about the latest in the capital.


11) Twins That Travel

What’s better than two influencers for the price of one? Twins Claire and Laura found they were both anxious when it came to travelling. After deciding to take on the journey together, they now share their experiences of seeing the world. With thousands of followers and a podcast, enjoy the twin perspective on all things travel.


12) bymariandrew

Unusual for a travel influencer, Marian Drew doesn’t use photographs to show her travels. Instead, the account highlights the importance of descriptive writing and is filled with writings and drawings on paper of her latest adventures.



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13) Tuula Vintage

Mixing the worlds of fashion and travel, influencer Jessica heads around the globe in vintage and designer clothes. A mother since April 2017, Jessica attracts an audience of young mums as her and her daughter travel side by side. Voted one of the most influential style bloggers by fashionista.com, she is a great choice for brands wanting incorporate the latest catwalk trends.



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14) thepointsguy

With his site attracting four million visitors a month, Brian Kelly advises travellers on how to make the most of their travel reward cards. The page also gives audiences the latest deals and top tips in travel.


15) Otts World

After quitting her full-time job, Sherry Ott now focuses on the experiences of travelling the world as a solo female wanderer. Her travels have taken her all over the world, with diverse destinations such as Panama and Antarctica.



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16) Daman and Jo

Attracting millennials worldwide, they are two 1990s-born vloggers with more than 600,000 subscribers. Education young people on different cultures and topics, they are both multi-lingual and upload videos in different languages.



17) theplanetd

Husband and wife Dave & Deb use the power of colourful visuals to attract thousands. Offering travel tips and advice after visiting more than 105 countries, they have been named by Forbes as one of the top 10 travel influencers.



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18) travelbabbo

Using #takeyourkidseverywhere, family travel writer Eric Stoen captures his travels through sharing photos of his children in spectacular locations. A skilled photographer, he is also an ambassador for AFAR and Travelocity.



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19) Jacksgap

Filmmaker and environmentalist Jack Harries has gained millions of followers through captivating vlogs around the world. The videos give a unique insight into the lives of the people in each of the countries through interviews and incredible photography.



20) triphackr

Sharing useful travel tips with thousands of followers, travel hacker Clint Johnston shares the latest deals. Visiting more than 100 countries in the past decade, he’s been featured in the BBC, Lonely Planet and CNN.


21) Ovunno

If breathtaking landscapes is part of your brand guidelines, then Oliver Vegas is the perfect collaboration for you. His photo’s consist of landmarks around the globe shot in unique angles. For animal lovers, there’s also some incredible wildlife close-ups.



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22) migrationology

Showcasing dishes from around the globe, this account is one for the foodies. With a huge passion for food, Mark Wiens has millions waiting to see what is next on the global menu.



23) Lee Abbamonte

Having visited every country on the planet, Lee shares his outdoor adventures with thousands online. His experiences include the world’s highest bungee jump in South Africa and silverback gorilla tracking in Rwanda. Now a multimedia travel personality, you can can catch him regularly on BBC and Fox News.



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24) Keira Rumble

Foodie, traveller and nutritionist, Keira combines both lifestyle and travel by motivating her followers. Struggling with her weight in the past, Keira now travels around the globe giving healthy lifestyle tips along the way.



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25) chrisburkard

Working as a freelance photographer for the likes of Apple and American Airlines, Chris’s eye for detail has gained him millions of followers. Snapping incredible moving shots around the world, he is now senior staff photographer at Surfer magazine.



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The key to a successful influencer marketing strategy is collaborating with the right influencer for your brand. When deciding on one to approach, always consider their audience and whether this aligns with your demographic. These steps guarantee that the new partnership brings positive results.


Avoid sending mass emails to influencers. Most receive offers every day, so make your brand stand out by tailoring your response. Explain why you think their work and your brand are the perfect fit.


With travel writers and bloggers reaching millions of people around the globe, influencer marketing can be that all-important exposure that your brand needs to get to the top.