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The top 10 travel bloggers worth following

In a world where collaborations with influencers and blogger outreach are replacing costly advertising, brands are looking to successful bloggers to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

With partnerships set to hit the £7 billion mark by 2020, they’re one of the top marketing strategies to reach specific target markets. Consumers are now looking for authenticity from brands and have turned to their favourite bloggers for recommendations. As well as saving resources and high advertising costs, partnering with key bloggers gives brands access to specific audiences that are already established.

With one blog for every seven people on the planet, research is vital to making sure brands work with the right bloggers. Finding the best collaboration that reaches your brand’s target demographic is key.

With so many bloggers to choose from, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 to keep your eye on.

1) Expert Vagabond

Professional photographer and digital nomad, Matthew Karsten travels across the globe seeking all things adventure. Visiting more than 50 countries, Matt says he values experiences over possessions and wants to open minds to new possibilities. From camping on erupting volcanos to trekking through Afghanistan, there is never a dull moment!

Matt has also appeared in The New York TimesLonely Planet and National Geographic.

2) The Blonde Abroad

Quitting her job in finance, Kiersten Rich has spent the past five years travelling the world. Using pastel colours and soft filters, she documents her trips, ticking off her bucket list along the way. Sharing style advice and handy travel tips, her blog empowers females worldwide.

Encouraging women to see the world, Kiersten also offers female-only tours where readers can book to join her on adventures in incredible destinations.

3) triphackr

Heading out of Boston for the first time at 19, Clint Johnston has now visited 120 countries and never looked back. Refusing to focus on just airtime and rewards points, Clint guides his audiences on finding the best resources to make a great trip. From getting the best flights to the best accommodation, his blogs give tips on how to have an unforgettable travel experience.

With thousands of followers across social media, Clint’s Instagram is filled with amazing aerial shots from around the world.

4) Migrationology

Feeling hungry? Mark Wiens’ blog is for foodies all over the world. It’s filled with delicious local delicacies and tips on how to find the best food in each destination and the blogs are always accompanied by colourful mouth-watering dishes. Mark now has millions of visitors combined on both his social media and blog.

Visiting more than 35 countries, there’s always a new upload that will have your stomach rumbling.

5) Girl vs Globe

Sabina Trojanova shows the world how to love fashion, food and travel in the most eco-friendly way possible. A self-proclaimed ‘flower child’, the blog shares responsible travel tips, vegan recipes and sustainable fashion advice to thousands. Having travelled from a young age, Sabrina started the blog in 2014 to pass time while at work.

Now working on the blog full-time, she is from a broadcast journalism background, and uploads videos on her YouTube channel every week.

6) How Far from Home

The true definition of couple goals, Chanel and Stevo Dirnberger left behind their lives in South Africa in 2015 to embark on a new journey. Both full-time creatives, the couple now use their talents to create colourful photography and travel top tips. Collectively, they’ve travelled more than 500,000km, and also share videos of their adventures on YouTube.

With thousands heading to their pages, Chanel says her motivation comes from the ‘Yes Man’ theory, while Stevo advises always be prepared to act!

7) Bucketlist Family

The Gee family are bringing travel blogs a big dose of family-friendly fun. Deciding to pack up and sell everything, Garett and Jessica have visited more than 60 countries across the world with their three children. Sharing their adventures with millions worldwide, they show families that travelling is not just for young singles.

Now settled in Hawaii, the family now upload their many holidays.

8) Hey Nadine

With a love for travel and comedy, Nadine Sykora has visited more than 51 countries, laughing every step of the way! Nadine’s speciality is in vlogging and you’ll catch her travel adventures on her YouTube channel.

Giving helpful tips and advice, her filmmaking effortlessly transforms viewers to the spectacular locations she visits.

9) Shut Up and Go 

With a focus on targeting millennials and educating them on the world, friends Damon and Jo have millions of visitors across the sites. Multi-lingual, they believe in reaching as many people as possible and upload videos in different languages every week.

Fun and care-free, they aim to take young people away from their phones and out into the world to make life-long memories.

10) Andrew Evans 

Having worked for National Geographic, Andrew Evans now shares adventures of his own to thousands online. Focusing on the aspect of storytelling, his blog and Instagram share intimate details of the lives and culture of the people he encounters during his travels. A TV host and author as well as a travel writer, Andrew has written for BBC Travel, The Guardian and The Times. Andrew was also the first person ever to live Tweet while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Blogger outreach is a great way to reach your target audience. In a highly competitive industry, brands need to make sure they target the right demographic to stand out.

The key is to focus on a specific audience and determine which bloggers they are most likely to follow. Once you have a few names, look at their blogs and make sure they align with your brand. Now you’re ready to make an approach, bear in mind that bloggers are frequently approached by brands looking to partner. Make your brand stand out by tailoring a unique response detailing why they are a good fit. And remember, if you would like extra direction or help collaborating with bloggers, a good copywriting agency can help bridge the gap.

Once you have the perfect blogger ready to point their followers in your direction, reap the benefits of attracting new business and driving that all-important traffic to your site. If you want to make the most of your time and resources, the right travel copywriter can do all of the hard work for you.

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