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The Financial Copywriting Tips You Need To Know

Copywriting is a valuable skill for financial advisers to have. It is not enough to be conversant with the subject of financial advice, you must be able to develop financial content that enthrals your audience and achieves your goals of creating new business.

To be proficient at writing financial services content, you need a good grasp of the fundamentals of writing. Writing for the web is not the same as other types of content, so a good copywriter must practice regularly to be able to deliver great content for an audience.

In this article, we will be sharing a few tips to help you improve your financial copywriting skills, helping you will become better at increasing reader engagement by creating relevant financial content for your audience.

  • You Must Be Familiar With Your Audience

No matter how good a copywriter you are, you can only write good content when you have a good understanding of your target audience. To do this, you must look beyond their gender, income, age, level of education, and likes. You need to delve deeper into the mind of your audience.

Ask questions like: what are their expectations, what are their values, what challenges do they encounter, and so on? Answers to these questions will help you to appeal to their mental and emotional expectations and employ the art of persuasion to market your product.

  • Keep Your Blogging Purposes In Mind

Once you have your audience figured out, you need to connect between your knowledge of your readers and your intentions, which in this case is to use your financial services content with the aim of either boosting brand awareness or building loyalty, trust and relationships with your existing clients.

This requires you to have a broad expectation from financial copywriting, as well as specific intentions on an article-by-article basis. An example is to grow your online influence in the financial services market as a broad objective, whilst a specific objective could be to market a newly-designed product to your existing clients and new prospects.

  • Draft Your Content Ideas Beforehand

The best copywriters have a fair idea of what they want to write about in advance. The planning could focus on a few weeks or maybe every quarter.

What this does is it allows you to write with a medium-to-long-term purpose in mind. It is easier to connect with your audience when all of your content is interconnected and drives a predetermined theme. You also make it easier to keep churning out financial content regularly.

If you are having issues deciding, we suggest engaging a financial copywriting service to provide much-needed guidance on the subjects you can write about. As a general rule, your topics should reflect trending discussions and include keywords to increase your chances of getting high-ranking spots in search engines. You should consider planning a few months early when drafting blog topics. Having your topics laid out at least two months ahead is a good start.

  • Make Your Content Unique

To avoid coming off as boring to your audience, you need to find your creative edge and unleash it in your writing. Since your niche is financial services, you must find ingenious ways to make your content stand out from the crowd if you are going to see your influence grow. You could consider writing financial content for employees of Fortune 500 companies, for example, as your unique writing angle.

  • Your Content Must Keep Readers Interested

The business of money and investments can be serious and maybe sometimes boring; however, you are required to find ways to deliver interesting content regularly. You must be able to perceive how your audience will receive your message and make sure they find it exciting and engaging as much as possible. It is a tough ask sometimes, but you need to incorporate humour in your wording and presentation. With practice and motivation, you will find yourself doing it fairly easily in due course.

  • Top Your Articles With Fantastic Headings

The key to gaining your audience’s attention is in your headline. News outlets have mastered this and use it to their advantage offline and online, and you must too.

Your headline must give an idea of what to expect without giving too much away. This is why you must take care to craft the perfect headline. The amount of time you spend making sure your headline is just right will culminate in more viewers for your blog.

  • Present Your Article In Short Sections

Your audience will be turned off when your content is not visually pleasing. Your visitors will not spend much time on your blog, so you need to remove anything that will turn them off. You can achieve this by breaking up your article into smaller sections to make it easier to read. Keep your paragraphs as short and concise as possible. Try replacing long paragraphs with pictures that pass the same information across.

  • Make Sure Your Content Is Reflective Of What Your Audience Wants

Your job is to give your audience what they want, to gain their attention and ensure they always come back to your website. Do not give your audience lots of unwanted information. Too many times, the headline of an article differs from what the audience expects and this could make them not return or they may even tell other potential visitors how bad their experience was.

  • Remove Unnecessarily Complicated Words

You need to communicate your competence in your niche without losing your audience. You should ensure that you do not use complicated words that they will find difficult to understand. Where unavoidable, unpack such words so the audience can understand what you’re saying; never assume that they know what you mean. Do not include financial jargon in your writing or you might end up not achieving your marketing purposes.

  • Persuade, Not Sell

You will lose your audience if you over-flog the subject of closing a sale. You need to strike a balance between persuasion and communicating competence about financial advisory products and services. People are cautious when it comes to the subject of their money. You should try to offer value and communicate why your product should not be ignored, as subtly as possible.

If you appear aggressive and overbearing on the subject of selling your product or service, your prospective clients will lose interest and you will lose the benefit of all your hard work.

Financial copywriting is quite different from editorial or news writing. It is a specialised skill that entails writing online copy for businesses and service companies in the financial sector. Ideally, a financial content writer will provide content like sales copy, landing pages, and blog posts that are aimed at selling your services.

These types of copy all have one distinct purpose: to encourage the audience to take action, such as signing up for a subscription, engaging with a service, or buying a service or product.

A good financial copywriter will develop good financial content from scratch, as well as edit and proofread content. So, if you aim to improve the grammar and readability of your financial content, a financial copywriting agency should be your first port of call. They can turn dull, uninspiring content into exciting and compelling content that will effortlessly convert your readers and drive sales.

For assistance with your finance content marketing strategy, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us today.