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How to create content for local SEO success

Are your online numbers decreasing? Business not thriving? All your regular customers and website visitors a distant memory? If any of these scenarios apply to you, do not panic. If you follow these easy steps, you will be bouncing back in no time.

First off, you need to have a clear understanding of your situation. The internet is now more accessible than ever. Physical borders are not a barrier. You can set up anywhere in the world and call that place home. You now know how you got to where you are. It is time to fight back.

1. Have the necessary equipment

The first thing you need to do is to level the playing field. Set up a website for your business. Do everything you can to ensure that you are at a decent level to compete. You need one more item in your arsenal before you go to battle: you must be mobile-friendly. Customise your website such that people can easily find you through their smartphones. They have taken over as the leading medium through which people access information.

2. Claim your turf

It is now time to get back what is rightfully yours. Find out and claim all your identifiers, both physical and digital.

  • Physical identifiers

These refer to your business name, telephone number and address. You need to update these records in all the relevant repositories. Local directories, classifieds and the likes need to have your updated information

  • Digital Identifiers

Any information that is public record online also needs to be updated. Search engines provide business pages. Claim them and have your information available, so that people can find you.

2. Perform an online health check

You will be going against some heavy hitters, so you need to know if you are ready or not. Identify how well your new website is doing. You can always use the services of a copywriting agency. They have the technical know-how and will know what to identify. You can be sure that your competitors have several of them on their payroll.

3. Announce your arrival

Just being present online will not trouble your competitors. Consider investing in content marketing services and let the professionals help you out. It involves creating cutting-edge material and pushing it online to engage audiences. The medium you use to communicate your message will depend on your target audience. You should consider using a copywriting service to get you some traction. They will create campaigns that are relevant to your brand and give your content efforts a real boost.

4. Carry on the momentum

Your online debut is a hit, and you are getting a steady stream of traffic, but how do you reclaim your place? To fight back, you need a solid content strategy. Here are some ideas for content that will help you stay on top of your game:

5. Follow the trends in your location

Find out what is currently popular in your area. Any topics you write about from here will always succeed. Tools like Google Trends will allow you to follow the popular talking points in your area.

6. Publish your customer interviews

Your customers are your lifeline. They will remain loyal when they feel valued. Find interesting angles to frame their stories. Always make the story about the customer and not your brand. It will boost your credibility.

7. Always remember to highlight local events

Your brand is part of the local community. Participate in local events to get first-hand information. Your audience will appreciate your content much more if it is factual.

8. Write about the uniqueness of your area and services

Every location has something special. It may be the weather, dress code, cuisine or a favourite hangout spot. Share how your services blend in with this uniqueness. For instance, if you deal in HVAC systems, you could publish an article listing the warmest cities in the country, including your own. Talk about how your HVAC business is improving the lives of your fellow residents. It portrays you as a valuable member of society, which enhances your brand. The names of the other cities in your article will boost your ranking, gaining you extra visibility.

9. Rekindle old memories

Write about your childhood experiences or a fond memory for residents. Such content not only creates nostalgia but also promotes suspense in your followers. You will have them eagerly waiting for your next article. People are always moving, but they may still have family in your location. The family members will share your content with them and increase your reach.

A successful local SEO strategy is one that will get you the most traffic. You do this by having your brand visible on as many sites as possible. Guest posting on other sites presents a viable opportunity. Look for websites that have a massive following in your location. Assess how your content is relevant to their following and let loose.

Find out how content is delivered and adapt accordingly. Some sites to consider are your local newspaper or local classifieds. Should you fail to land a spot on any, you can always use a content writing service. It all depends on how your services intertwine. The end goal here is to promote your brand and increase awareness.

You now have all the necessary ammunition to compete effectively in your location. There are several key elements that you should always adhere to. Keep your content fresh and consistent; explore different topics to make yourself more inclusive, and use local phrases to make yourself more relatable.

Always monitor every piece of content you put out. You are now ready to achieve SEO success!