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The Definitive List Of Keyword Tracking Tools

A comprehensive list of all the keyword tracking tools

To produce great content, you need a great set of tools to work. They enable you to check your work and ensure that it is to your audiences’ liking. You have now finished a great piece of content and are ready to publish it, but will it perform as you intend? This question is one that many writers struggle to answer. When writing for SEO, the objective is to outrank your online competition, to generate as much traffic as possible. More visitors to a site means higher chances of conversion, hence more revenue.

Keywords are one of the factors that determine your SERP ranking, but their performance changes all the time. So how do you keep an eye on things? Here is a list of tools you can use, to monitor your keyword ranking:


As per the name, SERPWatcher checks your keyword ranking across multiple search engines. It is preferred by small businesses and freelancers, given its numerous capabilities. It comes with a keyword finder, allowing you to find the highest-ranking keywords for your content. With additional features such as location-specific ranking and reporting, the £35 per month price tag is a bargain.

Advanced Web Ranking Cloud

Commonly known as AWR Cloud among SEO writers, was one of the earliest keyword tracking tools on the market. It comes packed with features to give a detailed analysis of how your keywords and website are performing in real time. Other search engines it crawls include Baidu, Yandex and AOL. You have the option of checking up to 2,000 keywords at once, and localised reports including those of your competitors. AWR also collects data from mobile.


Searchmetrics is an end-to-end SEO tool ideal for your SEO content strategy. With it, you get data insights from the time you create your content until it goes online. Through its Global SEO module, you get ranking data from more than 130 countries. It offers keyword ranking data across all major search engines giving you full visibility of your performance on a global scale.

The Mobile SEO module tracks your keyword performance on both Android and iOS. It also tracks search performance across apps through its App Pack module. The local SEO module allows you to get data from 485 cities. You can try all these features on their website.


If you’ve recently worked with an SEO copywriting agency, this is the tool they most likely used. SEO creators prefer it because of its authentic keyword research tools and tracking capabilities. You get insights from the top 10 search engines in the world.

Its reporting tool shows your keyword ranking data for both mobile and desktop, across 13 SERP features from 171 nations. The reason for its popularity is that you can track your ranking alongside that of your competitors. The base package is for £77, which allows you to track 500 keywords with weekly updates.


According to its Danish developers, AccuRanker is one of the fastest and most precise keyword ranking tools in the world. You can manually refresh the keyword ranking data at their convenience. It collects data from most search engines including Baidu, AOL and Yandex. It features a smooth user interface, allowing you to navigate from page to page without any lag. Another distinguishing feature of this tool is that you can define what segments of data you want for your SERP.


Another enterprise tracking tool, you can purchase SEMrush for a base price of £77. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, meaning you can access your data on any platform. Through the Pro subscription, you get tracking and ranking data from 142 countries. SEO agencies prefer this tool as it allows you to compare your ranking and tracking data alongside that of your competitors. You can also do keyword research in 16 different languages. Long-tail keyword research is also possible across all major search engines.

Authority Labs

Authority labs is purely a ranking tool. You can get keyword ranking data of up to 250 words for £39 per month. It monitors ranking data from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Freelancers and boutique SEO agencies like it because it offers unlimited user access.


SEOprofiler is a collaboration tracking tool that allows for up to 5 users simultaneously. It is common among digital marketing and SEO agencies. You can get tracking data alongside ten of your competitors daily. A paid subscription starts at £77, which opens up the keyword suggestion feature. It collects ranking data for both desktop and mobile websites, making it the perfect monitoring tool for any website owner. You also get global tracking data with your paid subscription.


Moz, like any other end to end tracking tool, comes loaded with features. You get ranking data for both mobile and desktop for Yahoo, Bing, Google and Google mobile. It captures your keyword ranking across 200 countries, giving you visibility on a truly global scale. You can also check your local rank through the Moz Local module. Other than keyword ranking, you also have link research, on-page optimisation and reporting features. The base subscription price for Moz is £77, which allows you to track 300 keywords each month.


It is a SaaS tracking tool best suited for enterprise companies with the need for greater visibility of their websites. You can track 6,000 keywords each day across a multitude of domains such as Amazon and Google Jobs. You can gauge the performance of your keywords across an unlimited number of competing websites. The tool also captures data across mobile websites and apps. As this is a modular-based tool, pricing is subject to the features that you need integrated.

As you can see, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to keyword tracking tools. The ones mentioned above are suited for all sizes of businesses. Keyword tracking is a necessity when assessing your content and website performance. However, what you do with the data is what counts.