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The Best Copywriting Blogs To Follow

Writing doesn’t come naturally for everyone, yet it is an important skill to learn. It is also a skill that is developed over time, with plenty of hard work, patience, dedication, and being proactive about improving. As a copywriter or business, you must know how to use words to convey your message, market your products and services, and engage both your prospects and customers.

While this may seem easy to some, there are some technicalities to it that can hinder your effectiveness, especially when producing content for different media. The task is more than just putting words together. It’s about organising your words and thoughts in such a way it is compelling and provides value for your consumers while engaging and entertaining them.

If you do it right, and want to sell your products and services, you can be confident that your audience will buy. But if you fail in this task, your audience will seek out your competitors. As a result of how important this is, many businesses prefer to use a competent copywriting service instead of producing their content in-house.

Since one of the best ways to become good at something is to learn from others who are great at it, we recommend learning from the pros, or people who put out valuable content that will help you to improve your writing and even help you make a living out of it. Below are some of the best copywriting blogs to follow.

  1. Problogger

Darren Rowse created Problogger in 2004. The site provides advice for bloggers who want to turn their passion into a career and go professional with it. It offers copywriting and content creation tips as well as information on how to make money from your blog and the latest blogging trends. Besides providing tips and advice on the above, it also provides readers access to several valuable resources on the topic.

The site is famous for finding blogging jobs and has since become the home for anyone intending to create, grow and make money from blogging.


2.  Copyblogger


If you’re looking for an established authority and content on SEO, digital marketing, and professional blogging, Copyblogger is your go-to website. It provides practical ways to get the best out of your content and copywriting. The website takes it a step further and offers many free resources, including free tutorials and e-books on these same topics.

3. Positive Writer

Positive Writer goes beyond providing content on how to write, and other related themes, to dealing with many of the negative emotions that writers have to handle. This sets it apart from the others. As a writer, there will be many days you will not feel like writing. You will likely experience a mental block and have self-doubts. When these moments happen, you need someone or something to challenge these negative feelings and thoughts. The Positive Writer does this for you. Much more than that, it will also help you find inspiration and positivity, and help you persevere through those feelings until you begin to make progress and prosper.


4. The Write Life 


The Write Life is an all-encompassing website on the topic of writing. It focuses on creative writing, freelancing, pitching ideas, guest posting, working from home, managing your finances, and many more. You will find the posts on this site are very detailed, too, so there’s plenty to get stuck into. Not only that, but readers can make paid submissions to the site. Sites like this really show the benefit of paying for a content writing service, too.

5. The Bloglancer

The Bloglancer was created (and is managed) by UK blogger Jenna Farmer, who went from blogging as a hobby to earning a living from it after seven years. The underlining aim of the site is to help bloggers monetise their sites. It deals with subjects such as surviving and maximising freelance life, effective marketing strategies, working with PRs, gaining clients, monetisation and creating passive income.

6. Beyond Your Blog

If you’re an aspiring writer and have the interest to write for digital publications, Beyond Your Blog is for you. It teaches you how to refine your skills and provides tips on how to write excellent pitches and find the best paid-publications. Occasionally, they also offer a list of publications that pay, and with it, offer you valuable information on how you can pitch them.

7. See Jane Write

See Jane Write was set up by Javacia Harris Bowser, and its goal is to empower female writers. If you’re a woman seeking to start a blog business or turn an already existing blog into a business, it’s well worth taking a look. It has an established online community for female bloggers and is a great place to learn, not just about blogging, but also about navigating the blogging world as a woman.

If you plan on joining the top copywriters and becoming very good at your practice, you will have to go on a mission of constant self-improvement. When you do, you will find the above mentioned copywriting blogs valuable, depending on what you want to improve.

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