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Finding the middle ground between the complex world of technology and simple, engaging content is challenging. But working with an experienced technology copywriting agency like Woo will help you reach that sweet spot that will create understanding, engagement and response from concise, valuable content.

Technology copy experts

96% of prospects want more information from industry thought leaders before making a decision, so it’s crucial your value proposition and offering shine through with clarity and authority.

Technology copywriters help you explain your service or product in innovative, credible ways, establishing you as a market leader and earning the trust of your prospects and peers. When it comes to communicating in the technology industry, it’s imperative you display expertise and credibility in your content and copywriting.

Our Woo technology copywriters are experts in this industry. They are passionate about tech trends, news and updates, staying up-to-date with the latest innovations. Whether it’s advancements in consumer electronics, new releases in the smartphone sector or advancements in Industry 4.0, they’re at the forefront of technological change and will use all their knowledge to make your content exceptional.

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We have helped 100s of clients scale content, improve rankings & increase sales.

Branded SEO-friendly technology content

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At Woo, we take time to understand your business, audience personas and commercial goals. This enables us to produce branded content that’s on tone while being focused on generating clicks, likes and shares.

So, whether you’re creating technology copy for SEO, your website or articles, we understand how to deliver high-quality technology copywriting tailored for people and search.

There are many benefits to investing in branded content in the technology industry. The best content:

  • is informative and helpful, not invasive
  • conveys your values
  • is optimised for your target keywords
  • is engaging and encourages shares and backlinks
  • makes an emotional connection with readers
  • inspires them to take action

Testimonials and 5 Star Reviews

Testimonials and 5 Star Reviews
Dipesh Pattni
Founder and MD, GravitasQ
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“Woo understands how to write content that is on-brand and optimised for search, which ensures we continually see a positive impact on our SEO.”
Simon Schnieders
Founder, Blue Array
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“We’ve been really happy with the content delivered from WooContent. Copy is delivered on time and within budget and they’ve been able to work to some very demanding deadlines.”
Alberto Parrado
Head of SEO, Stellar Search
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"Our collaboration with Woo is great. We have found a sweet spot to collaborate and they are already a key asset for Stellar in terms of providing quality content creation to our clients."

Winning Results


Generation Home

Producing new sales and marketing collateral for Generation Home


Holiday Hypermarket

Implementing a content-led SEO strategy for Holiday Hypermarket



Creating company investment insights for a new investor app, Investwise

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​​Types of Technology Content We Produce

Blog posts

Our writers produce meaningful content that drives traffic to your website, improves SEO metrics and creates brand exposure.

Landing pages

To capture leads and increase conversions, your landing pages must be persuasive, have a clear USP and strong call-to-actions.

Guest posts

Every link-building strategy must be coupled with high-quality content, natural backlinks, and keywords related to your target terms.

Product pages

At the later stages of the buying journey, product descriptions have the power to compel shoppers to buy. The key to wallet-opening content is clean and concise copy.

Category pages

Push shoppers to your website with SEO-friendly content, so they can find the products they are looking for.


In today’s digital age, buying and user guides are crucial for inspiring online consumers and helping them make key purchase decisions.

Tips, tricks and hacks

People are constantly seeking imaginative solutions to everyday problems – whether it’s technical, creative, or lifestyle related.

White papers

Establish your brand as a trusted authority within your industry with compelling white papers that educate and build credibility.

Case studies

Build trust and close more sales by showcasing the best examples of your work. We can help brief your user cases to life.

Sales brochures

At Woo, we translate your ideas into storytelling that convinces people and encourages sales.

Email sequences

Nail the subject line, keep the copy short, with a simple call-to-action. Encourage conversions by conveying a clear and concise message in your email marketing.

How Our Technology Copywriting Service Works

At Woo, our technology copywriting services follow a 4-step process. We plan, write, and review content all within our cloud-based platform. Our tried-and-tested method streamlines delivery and ensures high-quality content on time and within budget.


Behind great copy is planning. We arm our writers with everything they need to craft the best copy. Our planning process includes creating a content calendar, a style guide and a brief that includes keyword research and page structure.


Whether you need copy for your website or to improve SEO, we research to find recent and reliable reference information to optimise content for people and search.


For our clients, we are a natural extension of their team. Our level of expertise in technology copywriting allows us to craft content that adds value and raises brand awareness. To ensure content is kept on-brand, our technology copywriting team will follow our client’s style guide and our in-house best practice guidelines.


Our team of Senior Editors never settle for anything other than the best copy. Having worked for national and international media outlets, our editors are accustomed to delivering content at an exceptional standard.


Why Businesses Choose Us

Transparent pricing

With no hidden fees or surprises, you are clear on what you pay from the start.

Cost Effective

All our writers are the best at what they do; we don't have a hierarchy in terms of the quality of writers, only the best.

Premium Writers

We do not believe in different levels of quality, only the best.

High-Quality Writing Talent

Thanks to our thorough recruitment process, we only hire the best writing talent.

Streamlined Project Management

We have the perfect method for matching the best technology copywriter with briefs.

Quick Turnaround

We are set up to deliver content within 5-7 days without compromising on quality.

Senior Editors

Our Senior Editors work on every project to ensure content is always on-brand and SEO optimised.

Two Rounds of Revisions

We guarantee your satisfaction by revising content to meet your needs.

No Plagiarism

Before the content is signed off, it is put through a market-leading plagiarism checker.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our high-responsive account managers will take care of you every step of the way.

Cloud-based Platform

Our virtual production system affords us the flexibility to create great content at speed and scale.

SEO Content Experts

To ensure content is optimised for SEO, everyone in our team are SEO experts.

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