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Siri loses its reliance on Google as local searches increase

A study by investment firm Piper Jaffray has shown that Apple’s Siri iOS6 places much less emphasis on Google for information than on the iOS5 model.

Apple Insider has released the study today which shows that Siri’s use of Google to answer questions has gone down by 30%, with Apple Maps and Yelp seeing an increase in use.

Apple’s Mapping service, developed this year after a feud with Google, is used for answering 23% of Siri’s queries, showing the speed at which Apple has switched its reliance.

Siri now uses data from Google, Yelp, Apple Maps, Wolfram Alpha, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes to answer the majority of its queries.

Despite the drop in reliance, Google still dominates, being used for 30% of all queries.

The investment company also studied the accuracy of Siri compared to Google Now and found that Siri came out on top.

In a quiet environment, Siri was able to produce accurate results 77% of the time, and understood queries 91% of the time. Google Now understood the user 88% of the time and was able to produce accurate results 75% of the time.

Despite this, many Android users doubt the existence of any real threat by Siri to Google, believing that more and more iPhone users will eventually switch to Android.

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