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Search v. Social: Google’s Matt Cutts states you shouldn’t rely on only one channel

The latest Google Webmaster help video from Google’s renowned engineer, Matt Cutts, discusses how and where webmasters should concentrate their SEO activity.

Many website owners lack know-how when trying to move up the ranks in organic search results and are unsure as to whether they should spend more time trying to generate leads from social media or PPC.

Another source of confusion for even the savviest of SEO experts is the constant change in Google’s algorithms. Cutts addresses this directly, stating that Google will continue to update its algorithms as it constantly needs to find new ways to deal with spammers as they are always adapting and trying to find holes in Google’s network.

He went on to say that instead of trying to crack the Google search algorithm, webmasters could spend their time a lot more wisely by trying to make a fantastic site that creates the best experience for the end user and not Google’s search algorithm.

Regarding the search vs. social question, Cutts gives a very diplomatic and straightforward answer. He states that, by having a well-rounded business with your eggs placed in different baskets, if your website goes down you can communicate with your customers via your social media channels. Having various methods of lead generation was vital even before digital advertising existed. So using search and social together will ultimately benefit your business.

He added: “As long as you have great content you should do well in Google”, which has become something of a motto for his company. Google has long maintained that good content is the best method when it comes to rating higher in the rankings, as this is what the end user (and Google’s algorithms) want to see.

Check out the video and tell us what your own methods are when it comes to the issue of social vs. search.