Terms and Conditions

WooContent website Terms


Thank you trusting us to fulfil your content marketing.

WooContent provides a range of content marketing services which consists of one or a combination of the following:

  • Copywriting – unique written text (copy/content) for clients to use for marketing purposes
  • Guest posting / blogger outreach / link building – writing and placing content on third party websites, in order to generate back-links.
  • Infographics – graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.
  • Social media content – exclusive and unique written text (copy/content) with licensed stock images, for clients to post on their social media channels such as Facebook.
  • Product photography – exclusively shot photographic images of products, ready for clients to use on their websites
  • Promotional videos – motion graphics, cinemagraphs and marketing videos promoting products, services or events
  • Content marketing – content and press releases promoted to bloggers, magazines and the industry, regional and national press
  • Content strategy – auditing of websites to formulate strategies that will help clients improve their online marketing performance
  • Reports – presented in Word, Excel or PowerPoint slides

We do have a concise set of terms and conditions and advise that you should read them, but, for your convenience, we have summarised them here:


We are in the creative business, as such the finished product is always subjective. That said, we believe everything starts with the brief. It’s important that, before you agree to do business with us, you accept we offer a cost-effective service and that time does cost money. While our focus is always on delivering premium content and a fantastic customer experience, there is a limit to the changes we can make. The key is in the brief, whether that be providing us with a style guide, reference material, sketches, wireframes or outline structures, all these assets are very useful in helping us create exactly what you want. If you are ever unsure, and likewise, if we are ever unsure, lets grab a quick call and clarify our thinking. For the avoidance of doubt here is a breakdown of the revisions we offer against each service we provide:

  • copywriting – one round of revisions
  • guest posts – one round of revisions to the content, you also have the opportunity to review the proposed website publisher in advance of the content going live
  • infographics – starter; three revisions, premium and platinum infographics; unlimited revisions
  • social media content – one round of revisions
  • video – up to three revisions
  • product photography – up to three revisions
  • content marketing – the campaigns consist of different content formats, so revisions will be as stated above
  • content strategy – one round of revisions

Delivery timescales:

We pride ourselves on turning around work quickly and efficiently, to the highest possible standard. Because we are in the creative business, collaboration with our clients is critical to success. It’s therefore important that you provide us with feedback within 3 working days of receiving work to review, as delays can impact our workflow and the time, we have booked to complete your work. At the start of working on any project we will notify you to tell you when you content will be ready. We will always endeavour to meet this timeline, however if for any reason we are unable to deliver on time, we will not be held accountable in the form of any financial penalty.


Our fees must be paid by using a credit or debit card, or PayPal account prior to us starting any work;

Our fees are non-refundable;

All fees, services, documentation and consultations are confidential;

We can offer you a discounted price with 30-day payment terms if you make a bulk order of no less than £2,500.

Due to the nature of copywriting, technical or advanced knowledge-based content may cost more than the list price, depending on the scope of the brief. If we are not able to fulfil the work at the published price, we will contact you within two working days to let you know; at which point we will provide you with a new quote, and if this does not meet your expectations, you will be entitled to a full refund.


Guaranties and Warranties:

We have no control over the impact our services have on your website;

We have no control over third party websites, and you acknowledge that such third-party websites can remove content or links at any point in the future;

We are not to be held liable for any damages or losses you suffer as a result of you receiving our services;

We reserve the right to change any instructions given by you if such changes are required to provide a more effective service;

We do not provide any guarantees of performance related returns, such as an increase in search engine rankings or website visits;




While we don’t sign non-disclosure agreements with all of our clients, you can be assured that we operate with the utmost integrity.  All activity is carried out in complete secrecy and we will always obtain your written approval should we wish to share any information for commercial purposes.




We reserve the right to cancel any orders placed by individuals or businesses that operate with illegal or offensive intent.

If you are unsure as to whether we will work with you, please contact us before placing an order.