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Great products don’t just sell themselves. They still need the right descriptions to lift them from the page and create a connection with the reader. At WooContent, we know how to capture the attention of your ideal buyer and appeal to their interests – and their wallets.

Content drives performance.

Product descriptions do more than just describe products. They sell the benefits and persuade readers that this is the one for them. They need to be skimmable but also stand up to scrutiny.


Good product-description writing boosts revenue by elevating your products above your competitors, and given that 87% of consumers rate product content extremely or very important when deciding to buy, quality descriptions are crucial. They not only list the features, but make an emotional connection with consumers to demonstrate why they need your product.


Our copywriting services keep search engines in mind, as your product descriptions play a key role in the search performance of your product page.

Our approach.

Our team at WooContent has a proven track record of delivering effective SEO product descriptions. We know how to promote your offering through compelling and concise product descriptions and category pages. We make consumers feel as passionate about your product as you do.

Our experts.

Our team of experienced product experts include fashion, e-commerce, travel, medical copywriters and many more. We get under the skin of your brand to create copy that speaks directly to your target audience and captures their imagination. Let us help you create memorable product descriptions that sell.

The Woo factor.

Your content will be…

  • Written by industry experts who understand your language
  • Optimised for people and search
  • Delivered at speed and scale

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