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The Power of Evergreen Content for E-Commerce

Evergreen content remains relevant and interesting for weeks, months and even years after it’s published, creating long-term results for your content strategy.

But in an industry like e-commerce – with changing product trends and time-sensitive industry releases and news – it can be difficult to produce content that doesn’t go stale.

To stand the test of time and secure long-lasting SEO benefits, e-commerce businesses must create high quality, insightful content as a regular part of their content strategies. Below are several ways your e-commerce brand would benefit from an evergreen content strategy, as well as current examples from the industry.

SEO benefit 1: Establish yourself as an authoritative voice

Evergreen content creates an image of authority around your business, helping you become a resource users trust and return to for answers. For example, instead of simply selling succulent plants on your site, in-depth articles about caring for, replanting, and choosing the right one for each room would set you apart as an expert on the subject.

SEO benefit 2: Longevity of your search positions

While certain product releases or company subjects may trend on social media and in the news, evergreen content can last in search results once the fads fade. Target keywords related to your business that routinely pull in high search volumes.

For example, a music festival ticket seller may want to target their content to related keywords like ‘festival clothing’, which pulls in over 11.5k searches per month, rather than short-term keywords like ‘2017 festival lineups’, which will expire in a year.

SEO benefit 3: Support your other website content

An evergreen content strategy is a great base for linking to trendier, time-sensitive information you produce. Good implementation allows the user to be passed between the two types of content seamlessly. Plus, as evergreen content ranks better in search engines, it can also pass its ‘link equity’ to any internal links you’ve placed in the piece.

SEO benefit 4: Attract new audiences over time

The beauty of evergreen content is that it can be shared elsewhere on the web for its entire life – that is, until the content becomes irrelevant or outdated. As the content is spread on social media, through links from other blogs, websites and in the press, it can drive new visitors to your site for months, or even years.

Examples of useful evergreen content for your e-commerce business

While e-commerce products and services may *seem* relatively static, plenty of options exist for fresh, creative evergreen content that will bolster your overall content strategy. Read on for inspiration, as well as examples of how industry leaders are using them now.

How-to guides and tutorials


These are an ideal way to enhance your products and show users what using them will look like. They are especially useful if your product has many or complex uses. Maybelline UK uses this type of content on its make-up tips page, which links to various makeup tutorials, which can also be found on its YouTube channel.

Definitions and statistics


Perhaps you do business in an area with plenty of jargon and confusing terminology. Customers appreciate having these spelt out in simpler terms, which creates a great opportunity for evergreen content. International financial company, Nationwide, includes a glossary of financial terms to help customers wade through the acronyms and technical language of the financial world.

Likewise, while statistics do become dated over time, people are always looking to back up their writing with hard-and-fast numbers. So while stats may not last more than a few years, they can still build up your link profile and add value to your site.

Curate content and create lists


To become a curator, you take the legwork out of research for your customers, rounding up the best resources into one post for them. Online household and garden goods retailer Robert Dyas’s useful gadgets that every gardener needs perfectly executes this idea and uses it as a jumping off platform for consumers to reach their website and buy said gadgets.

Similarly, lists are an easy-to-digest format for consumers, while also being a simple-to-organise piece for your writers. Robert Dyas also uses this tactic with posts like 16 top tips for attracting wildlife to your garden. Even if some of the products linked in these articles go off sale the overall copy remains useful and can still lead to exploration of a site.

E.commerce businesses have a wealth of products and services around which they can create long-lasting evergreen content. If your brand doesn’t have the resources to do it in-house, a copywriting agency like WooContent can implement an effective evergreen content strategy on your behalf.

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