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LinkedIn’s showcase pages increase branding opps

Linked in has announced that it has added a new feature called Showcase Pages, that will help companies improve engagement with customers and also convert them into potential hires.

It has been designed to be an extension of company pages.

The big draw of Showcase pages is that they will allow companies to customise content on their Brand page in order to appeal to their selected audience. In addition to this, Linkedin has also added analytics, so that brands can track follower growth and other useful metrics.  Brands can now create custom pages for any of their brands. For example Virgin, will be able to have multiple brand pages for Virgin Media, Virgin Records etc.

There is no cost to set up these pages and they are open to every business. Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft and HP are all now participating. As with all Linkedin pages, users can subscribe to that page in order to receive notifications on their news feed.

Linkedin will limit most companies to 10 pages maximum, to keep companies from overstretching themselves. However if a company can prove that they have the resources to manage the pages then they will be able to exceed the 10 page maximum.

Why is this important?

This is a calculated step designed to increase the “social” aspect of Linkedin. As a user, the more relevant information you receive from a brand that you are engaged with, the less likely you are to go to another brand or source of information.

How to add a Showcase Page?

If you are a Company page administrator, then you can easily create your own company’s Showcase page. The first steps are to identify the business areas within your company that actually need a Showcase page. Go to “Edit” dropdown menu and select “Create a Showcase Page”. When you have created it you can start sharing content on your page.