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Is Blogging For Your Business Still Worthy?

Is Blogging For Your Business Still A Worthy Investment?

With the explosion of social media marketing these past few years, many businesses are considering whether investing in blogging is worth their time and money. Some have even halted their blogging in favour of social media marketing.

If you are unsure whether to start/keep blogging, the answer is: you should. In this article, we will explore several reasons why you should invest in blogging, irrespective of what the current fad is. After reading the article, if you are unsure how to begin due to the volume of the work you will be called upon to do, you can find an excellent blog writing service to handle your blogging. Otherwise, it would be best if you started blogging by yourself immediately.

1. Blogging Helps You Get Found In Organic Search

While your audience may hang out on different social media platforms, when they have a serious problem or need to find something, they turn to the search engines. Blogging helps you position yourself there, waiting for them to show up.

Google places a priority on quality content that answers people’s questions and solves their problems. The same goes for the other search engines. With a proper content strategy with blogs optimised for SEO, you’ll appear at the top of the search engines and be found organically. The best part is that it is an investment that will keep getting you results even over the long term.

2. Blogging Increases Traffic To Your Website

Yes, you can engage your audience on social media and even send them to your website from there. But the traffic to your website from appearing on top in the SERPs is unmatched. There is also little that can happen in terms of conversion on the different social media platforms. They all have to be channelled to your website.

One way or another, the magic happens on your website because that’s where you get opt-ins to your email lists. Also, the search engines do not index the content on most social media networks. As a result, whatever you put out there will not count for you. But your blog titles are part of your overall footprint on the internet and are used to form an online map of your business.

3. Blogging Helps To Establish You As An Authority In Your Industry

Experts in the field of Influence agree that credibility is vital in establishing authority. This is one thing that blogging helps you achieve. When you consistently publish blogs with a value that people can consume, and that solves people’s problems, they will perceive you as an authority.

When people perceive you as an authority in any field, they will listen to and do whatever you say, including buying from you. You won’t struggle with conversions. This is especially true when your content is educative, entertaining, and engaging. Without being ‘salesy’, and by providing value, your web content will convert.

4. Your Blogs Can Be Repurposed For Content Marketing Opportunities

One of the most beautiful things about blogging is that you can repurpose your blogs into other content types for different platforms, including social media. Some of the different content types include podcasts, video scripts, infographics, audio files, case studies, Quora answers, SlideShare, webinars, e-books and lead magnets.

Each of these content types and the platforms further expands your reach and authority. This makes blogging a vital part of content creation because it supplies the raw materials for other platforms.

Due to its degree of importance, blogging that can be repurposed like this needs an excellent content strategy. You can learn to create a content strategy online. Better still, you can get an excellent copywriting service provider to both draft and execute your content strategy.

5. Blogging Opens Up Opportunities For Collaboration

As you publish different blogs and carve out a space for yourself in your industry, you will find that there are others who offer complementary services who may want to work with you on a project.

For example, a nutrition blogger may approach you to collaborate with you to create the ultimate skincare course because you are into skincare. She will supply the material that deals with how nutrition affects the skin, while you provide the material on how to best care for your skin using soaps, creams and exercise.

That’s just one example, and in such a case, you will gain more exposure by gaining access to her audience. The course will also become another source of income for your business.

6. Blogging Helps You Benefit From Backlinks

Blogging helps you build links within your website and from other websites to your website. Any links coming to your website from other sites are called backlinks and are important ranking factors. When other websites or blogs with high Domain Authority point to (link to) your site, Google and other search engines perceive your site as valuable. This is because the links to your site effectively tell the search engines that the other websites can vouch for you. This passes downlink juice to your site, thereby increasing your website’s ranking in the SERPs and your overall visibility.

Visibility is an essential commodity on the internet. Businesses that are not visible can only sell their products and services by running paid ads. Those that are visible enjoy sales whether they run ads or not. 

7. Blogging Is A Long-Term Strategy For Maximum ROI

One of the best things about blogging is that you will still be reaping the benefits of the content you publish many years after, as long as the information is valuable. You may need to update some of it from time to time, but that’s it. With social media, you have to engage daily. If you stop engaging your audience for a month, you may run into difficulty driving traffic.

The best content marketing strategies employ both blogging and social media. They each have their roles and benefits for your business. Yet, the benefits of blogging are more significant and last for many years.

Blogging that gives you all the benefits listed above need a carefully crafted and implemented content strategy. It’s not something to be done haphazardly. If you do not know how to implement such a content strategy, you should outsource your blogging to an excellent and reputable blog writing agency while you focus on the other aspects of growing your business.