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Case Study:

Creating company investment insights for a new investor app, Investwise

The Challenge

Investwise is a fintech start-up launching a new app designed to make investing in company shares more accessible to individual investors. The company was looking to create a content hub featuring company investment insights, industry analysis and educational gudies and articles for their app. The aim of these materials is to help investors make more informed decisions. This complex project required strict content guidelines and character restrictions to meet with app development needs. Content needed to be user-friendly, easy-to-understand and demystify the investment process to make investing more accessible. Due to the nature of the content, Investories required expert financial writers with specific investment expertise.

The Solution

Woo worked closely with Investwise to define the content guidelines and tone of voice, while factoring in character restrictions. Vetted references were required throughout in order to adhere to strict content guidelines in line with app development. . These were defined and agreed between Woo and Investories. Woo created over 100 company insights, followed by 20 industry insights and a number of educational guides ands articles.