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The Importance of Balancing Modern Consumers’ Online Demands

With the introduction of the ‘snowflake generation’, into the consumer sphere, in which each and every person expects to be recognised and treated as individual and unique, there is an increasing pressure to reflect this generational trend within the online arena.

Gone are the days when single mass digital marketing techniques would suffice. Today an unprecedented level of focus and quality is demanded by both users and Google, which – with each new update – serves to penalise those simply looking to mislead a mass audience.

Focus on quality

Branding, targeting and quality are the new frontrunners in the digital marketing game. Internet users and indeed Google updates are increasingly perceptive, and have long since grown wise to black hat SEO strategies or ‘spam tactics.’ Even without Google’s help, millennials and those who’ve followed since are characterised as having a natural instinct for siphoning off indirect mass marketing attempts. They are capable of expertly manoeuvring the Internet, often subconsciously, with little to no effort.

The importance of a well branded and engaging site, which prioritises the user’s individual journey cannot be overstated; but must still coexist alongside the great performance modern consumers have come to expect when online. For example, no matter how incredible your site’s content may be, if your landing page is taking more than 3 seconds to load, you immediately risk losing as many as 40% of your initial visitors. As the most easily accessible touch-point for consumers to engage with your brand, products and services, it’s critical that convenience is preserved.

Be unique

Having a website that contains unique, engaging content and performs well technically, improves both functionality and the user journey. These factors have been proven to have a substantial positive effect on consumer satisfaction, likelihood to purchase and brand loyalty. Therefore, finding the perfect balance between maximum technical optimisation and inclusion of high-quality, appealing content such as images and videos is crucial.

quality video

Here to stay

Consumers’ online interactions with brands is of ever-increasing importance, as according to a 2017 MINTEL online retailing report, an enormous 91% of consumers have made a purchase or purchases online in the past 12 months. Online sales currently account for 16.9% of all UK retail sales. Crucially, MINTEL research shows that only 4% of all consumers have not browsed online prior to purchasing, both when purchasing online and offline. This demonstrates that online channels are almost entirely integrated into consumers’ shopping habits, and are a potential contributing factor in the majority of purchase decisions.

In summary, today’s online consumers are looking for a unique and refined journey, full of quality engaging content, which has been tailored to them. Consumers recognise and reject many of the more traditional digital marketing strategies previously used, while also benefiting from the knowledge that the internet provides them with countless alternatives. Therefore, balancing consumers’ multiple demands has never been of such high value.

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