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How To Write The Perfect Guest Post

The world of business is ever-changing. Companies are continuously coming up with innovating ways to market themselves to potential customers. One such innovation is guest posting. Guest posting involves publishing your articles to host sites, to increase your readership and traffic to your website.

The material you submit should be similar in subject matter as the host and offer a new point of view for the readers. Some of the most sought-after hosting sights include Benzinga, Forbes and Harvard Business Review. For bloggers, this is fantastic news.
Being featured as a guest poster is validation that your work is insightful and brings something to the subject under discussion. You can leverage the traffic of the website you are posting to and redirect it your way. You not only amass a large following, but you will also gain credibility within your niche. All these factors when put together eventually point to one thing: more money in your pocket.

So, why are you not getting invitations to guest post? Well, you must not be doing one or all, of the things below. Here is a list of things you must do right before people start asking you to contribute to a guest post service.

1. It starts with planning

The reason to venture into the world of guest posting is to generate traffic and diversify your revenue stream. However, not all traffic is relevant to you. Look for websites that will add value to your work. The subject matter on the guest site should be in line with what you write. Posting gardening tips on the Financial Times website will not work. Create a shortlist of potential sites then opt for the one with the highest Domain Authority (DA) for the best results.

2. Determine the credibility of your host

A website may have high Domain Authority, but is the information on it credible? As a guest blogger, you need to associate with webpages that are authorities in that particular subject matter. Sites such as TechCrunch are highly regarded in the technology space. Having your blog appear on this website, inspires confidence to potential readers and gives you an edge over your competition. In case you are unsure of who to approach, you can always employ the services of a guest post agency. They have great connections to the most trusted partners in different fields.

3. It’s OK to be different

You have written guest -post content on a particular site because they need a different perspective for their readers. So, it’s vital that you maintain your unique style of writing. It creates a welcome respite from the norm and makes your article stand out more. Companies rely on a guest posting service to keep their content fresh. Remember, guest posting is a win-win situation. By being unique, you pique the interest of your new readers, and they will want more.

4. Understand your audience

Guest posting opens a new domain for you. Keep in mind that by being in a new realm, the rules of engagement change. Take time to understand the language and tone of voice used on the site. What is OK on your blog site may not necessarily be acceptable here. Read through some of the other guest posts to understand the type of audience you are addressing.

5. Have a killer introduction

You can never go wrong with a compelling introduction. Try as much as possible to grab your readers’ attention at the beginning of your article, because it is vital in determining whether they will finish it or drop off halfway through. Having a question as your introduction will make the reader curious. In this state, visitors to the site will be more inclined to continue reading.

6. Let them know who you are

The readers of the website do not know you. It is only courteous to give them a brief of who you are. Key points to focus on are your name, business and subject-matter expertise. You will connect better with your audience and establish your credibility. Backlinks to your LinkedIn profile or portfolio are a great way to inspire confidence.

7. Go social

Social media has become integral in creating visibility. As part of your agreement with your host site, ask them to promote your article within their online communities. Facebook, Instagram and WeChat all boast more than a billion users. Promoting your content on these platforms is a sure way of increasing your reader numbers and acquiring new traffic.

8. It’s a numbers game

Now that your post is live, it is time to monitor its performance. Alexa and Google Analytics offer in-depth statistics on the performance of websites. Your guest posts are supposed to bring traffic to your domain. By looking at the performance of your article on different host sites, you have a clearer picture on where to concentrate your effort. The information will also help you in optimising your future guest posting strategy.

You are in it for the long haul

The articles you submit are now online of different host sites, and traffic is steady. However, all this can change if you do not maintain a steady flow of articles. People are always on the lookout for fresh content. Create a submission schedule to help you manage your workflow. By producing new material regularly, you will build a loyal fan base, which can in turn result in a new marketplace.

Finally, always perform quality checks. Search engine algorithms are ever-changing. Refresh your backlinks and associate with high-ranking hosting sites to maintain a steady ranking. Blogging is not a solo act. You can always seek help from a guest post agency to be ahead of your completion. Regular investment in a link building service or guest post service will bear fruit in the long run.