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How To Use Search Console For Content Ideas

How to use Search Console to come up with content ideas

The primary aim of any business is to make a profit. To achieve this, companies need to attract more customers to increase market share and generate more sales. The responsibility then lies with marketing departments to come up with innovative ways to pique consumer interest. Gone are the days where print and media advertisements are enough.

The internet is now the go-to source to spread the word in the most effective way. However, not every internet campaign achieves its intended purpose. For this reason, companies often engage the services of a copywriting agency. Copywriters create marketing content which is then run by the companies towards a specific target market.

You may think that coming up with content is straightforward, but that is not always the case. You need to know how to use data and analytics to get a better hit rate for your campaign. In this article, you will see how a search console can be a valuable resource in helping you provide best-in-class copywriting service for your client.

Establish a starting point

A sure way of identifying what is working or not is to look at the web-traffic statistics. Google Analytics is a great way to get accurate data on your traffic segments. Google is the best resource as it is what almost everyone uses to find information on the internet.

Enter the company URL on the search box and hit enter. The data you should look out for is total clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR) and position. If it is your first time offering a content writing service, here is an explanation of what each of the key terms refers to:

Total Clicks – Total Clicks refers to the number of unique users who interact with your online campaign. The count takes into account all the pages where your ads have appeared online. It can be from an affiliate marketing page, your organisation’s website or any other platform where your campaign is live.

Impressions – Impressions are the total number of times your advertisement has appeared on an internet user’s screen. The internet is home to different forms of media. Videos, blog posts and social media pages all count towards the final number.

Click-Through Rate – This is based on how many times your advert appears against the number of times users interact with it. A high CTR rate indicates that your campaign is performing well. According to research, any online content that scores a CTR of above 1.5% is considered a success. The standard applies across all industries and is a measure of advertisements that appear in search results.
You can select this option by checking the boxes that appear after the search results appear. Look out for pages that have the lowest numbers, as these will be your starting point when delivering your content writing service.
To increase traffic to these pages, you need to know the search terms that your visitors are using. You can find these out by clicking the hyperlinks from the main results page. Pages that have a high number of impressions with low CTR are the ones that need work.

Use the same criteria to find out which keywords to include in your text. Anything that has more impressions but very low clicks mean that people are looking for this information but are unable to find it. Pages and keywords that have a CTR of below 1% need your attention.

Excel is the best program to help you make sense of the data. There are different functions that you can use to manage the data, such as the data filter and the sort function.

Creating the content

In most cases, a rewrite of the content is sufficient to improve traffic to your website. However, you may want to update the content and reflect what is currently trending. As you prepare a marketing copy, include the keywords that appear with the most frequency. These will help people find your webpage easier through the search engine. You can also use anchor text and links in your content to steer traffic to the appropriate webpages.
If you find yourself stuck on which other relevant words to use, you can always check the statistics of your direct competitors and see what they’re doing.
What commonly affects traffic numbers to online campaigns, is the use of obsolete headings and page titles. Broken links also play a part in how your traffic engages with your content. A copywriting agency will provide you with the necessary know-how to effectively increase your brand awareness.

Not everything needs fixing

It is highly unlikely that all your campaigns will underperform. As you gather data from Google Analytics, pay attention to the advertisements that get better interaction with your users. You can leverage on this success, and increase momentum for your subsequent campaigns. Repurpose the existing material and make it more interactive.

Your customers play a vital role in determining the success of your brand. The content you produce should allow them to be active contributors and feel as if they are part of the team. Polls, surveys and competitions are a great way to increase levels of engagement with your audience. Keep this in mind when delivering a content writing service to your clients.

Search consoles, if used correctly, are a great source of information to help you create compelling and impactful marketing content. By familiarising yourself with the data, you can take advantage of the findings to increase your profit margins. Even though Google is the default search console most companies use, there are more specialised tools that you can employ to deliver a superior content writing service.

Tools such as Alexa, HubSpot and Google Adwords are some of the other consoles you can use to assess trends and spread your message online. As the demand for online marketing content increases, so do the opportunities of generating additional income for a copywriting agency.