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How To Turn Tedious Topics Into Sexy Subjects

Copywriting hacks – how to turn tedious topics into sexy subjects

Writers have to surmount several enormous tasks. One of them is presenting information in such a way even people with attention-deficit disorders, and those with low attention span (the majority of the population) are hooked, educated, and entertained. That’s an arduous task, right?

Now, that may sound dramatic, but the reality is that besides there being so many people with these issues, the average person does have a short attention span, and you cannot filter them out. Besides, these people make up your prospects and customers, so you need them.

As if that’s not enough, sometimes copywriters have to offer their copywriting services in industries that are regarded as tedious and boring.

So, how do you turn tedious topics into sexy subjects? How do you make the content interesting so that your target audience hangs on to your every word? Let’s explore that right now.


  • Look Through A Different Pair Of Lenses


The first thing to understand and come to terms with is that those industries or topics you think of as boring and tedious are exciting to someone else. You might not be excited about machine learning or may find women’s fashion boring (depending on your type of person). You might even think that writing about automotive repair has nothing but unappealing work in it. Whatever the industry, the point is the same.

Look through the eyes of as many people who are passionate about that industry. Interview enthusiasts and fanatics to understand what’s exciting about the industry or topic, and what’s not. Gather materials from publications and websites they consider to be the standard in that industry. Peruse as many compelling copywriting examples as you can find on the topic.

But whatever you do, don’t write from your unexcited perspective. Your readers will also hate to read uninspiring content. Instead, from your findings, get into the same mindset as the enthusiast you talked to. It might be tough, but you have to do it, it’s as simple as that.

  1. Focus On The Four E’s Of Great Content

By all means, get your facts right. It’s important! But don’t just inform – you need to educate, entertain, enrich and engage your audience with your copy.

The basics of the great copy are the same, and anyone offering a copywriting service of any kind should know that. An excellent copy covers all or most of the ‘Es’ mentioned above. Use the facts you gather to educate your readers. Then go beyond education and enrich their lives by solving their problems or pain points. 

Never forget this: If people can navigate through your copy with ease and can get practical solutions to their problems from your content, they’ll keep coming back. Why? Because you’re offering them value.

Even if all you end up doing is educate and enrich them, you’ve done a great job. But why stop there? Entertain them with your copy. And mix in a little humour if you can. Remember that if you do add the odd joke, it must be relevant and applicable. If not, stick with everyday illustrations that make your audience smile. The goal is humour, not a comedy. Again, it has to be relevant and applicable.

The last E involves engagement. Find creative ways to engage your readers. Ask questions to get them thinking, share breaking news in the industry, pique their interest with facts and break down your copy into neat sections with sub-headers. All this will make your content compelling and engaging.

So, when gathering materials for your write up, put all of these in mind. Every excellent copywriting agency has a system for collecting materials for their content. Your system should also include gathering materials for the 4 Es.


  • Don’t Forget To Be Human (Or That You’re Writing For Humans)


It’s very easy to get caught up in the fact that you might be writing for professionals and are required to make an impression. Sometimes it can be the fact that there’s so much work to do and content to put out there you forget you are human, or that you are writing for humans, not computers or search engines.

Let your personality seep into your writing. Make your copy simple yet professional. Don’t make your work another glossary of professional jargons. Break a few grammar rules if you need to (but be skilled and professional while doing it!)

You’re writing to and for people. Try to talk to them using their language as much as you can. Or use a simple language everyone can relate with.


  • Let An Enthusiast Read Through It


Now you’re through with your write-up, do you just hit the publish button? If possible, no! Find someone who knows about the subject to read through it first.

If you have someone around that gets excited whenever the topic in question is raised, let them read it. Find out their opinions and take their feedback on board. If they are excited, then great! If not, find out what can be done about it and get to work on making it better. 

You may not get that magic finger that turns tedious topics to gold overnight. It does take time, practice, and a lot of study within the industry or topic. But it is worth it. If you think the work involved is too much, give it to a copywriting agency that offers excellent content writing services.