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How To Put Some Punch Into Your Accountancy Copywriting

Your content is either harming your accountancy business or helping it. Which is it?

When you look at the content of most accountancy websites or social media handles, most of what you see are mundane numbers, bookkeeping and accountancy terms. It’s not particularly exciting. When you read through it, it isn’t engaging and lacks the required punch. You will not achieve much with this kind of content.

If your accountancy content is like the one described above, something needs to change. Below are some tips to give your accountancy content a much-needed shot in the arm. If you are an accounting copywriter, these tips will transform your content! 


  • Focus On Your Audience


This is a fundamental copywriting tip: focus on the reader! Every accountancy copywriter should know this. When it comes to making your content punchier, this tip trumps everything else.

Remember the saying, ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’? It holds true in every area of life – even in the content, you create.

To make a big impression, many accountancy firms pack their content full of jargon, statistics and confusing numbers. While this may impress other accountants, most people don’t care. They’re looking for content that solves problems or helps them. Make sure your content does this.

Another important aspect is to ensure you always speak the reader. Instead of saying, people can get XYZ, say you can get ABC results. It’s a subtle difference but a much more engaging way of writing.


  • Write In Plain English


Assuming that you are an accountancy agency and the people reading your content will work in accountancy, make sure you write in a language they understand.

If your audience consists of a varied mix of graduates, tradesmen and the average person on the street, write for the least educated person. But write in such a way that even the academics will not find your content uninteresting.


  • Vary Your Sentence Lengths


Varying the lengths of your sentences is another crucial factor. Mix in short and long sentences. Avoid very complex sentences where possible.

Short sentences help to present ideas clearly and make it easy for people to go through your content. Long sentences help you drive home your points. Using only short sentences will make your content too ‘bitty’, and will mean it lacks substance. On the other hand, making use of long sentences alone will make your article hard work to get through. By mixing them up, you’ll make your content fun to read.


  • Make It Colourful


You don’t always have to explain every last point. A simple metaphor will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to helping people understand your point. It will also add colour to your writing.

Just because you’re writing accountancy content doesn’t mean that you can’t reference other sectors in order to make a point.  

Another way to make things colourful is to add humour. Mix it in, but make sure it is relevant!

Excellent accounting copywriting is never dull. It grabs readers’ attention and entertains them while educating and enriching them.


  • Use The Active Voice


You will never have a punchy article if all your language is in the passive voice.

Don’t say: ’It would be nice if everyone would comply with these accountancy principles, and that ’If they did, they would see amazing results.’ Instead, say: ‘Implement these accountancy principles to get amazing results!’

Rid your writing of every unnecessary ‘ability to do’, ‘would have’, ‘should have’ ‘could’ and others like them. Use direct language whenever possible.

The content you publish shouldn’t read like a white paper. If you hope to grab your audience’s attention and engage them, your content must be punchy. This is even more important if you provide an accountancy copywriting service to accounting firms. It is non-negotiable, or your clients will not return for more since the content won’t be likely to convert.

In a nutshell, punchy articles need to be in the active voice, colourful and written in simple language. The sentences that make up the articles should be mixed up and varied for different effects, with the reader being the focus of the article, not the firm or accountant’s expertise.

If you start with these handy tips, you will see your content become much more attractive to read, and ultimately, more engaging.

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