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How to produce quality travel video marketing on a budget

From the living room to the car and even your pocket – digital screens are everywhere.


With 64% of people more likely to buy online after watching video, producing high-quality content has never been more important. The top way to engage audiences, promote products or services and to increase brand awareness, video is key to a brand’s marketing strategy.


Contrary to popular belief, video does not have to come at a high cost. Whether you’re a travel start-up or a growing travel brand, you can produce quality video marketing that’ll make a difference on budget.


It starts with research


While your competitors are uploading the same style of videos, make your travel brand stand out with careful planning and execution.


Understanding your audience and meeting their needs is the way to create engaging content. Although competitor research is key, 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience. This means staying true to your branding and identifying that what another brand is producing may not be the right move for you.


Start by deciding on the aim of your video. Is it to inform, educate or entertain? Ensure there is a clear message and make sure your content is consistent with your brand.


A great way to engage audiences in the early stages is to ask them the kind of things they would like to see,  then create content based on these ideas. Another great way to get audiences involved while receiving streams of content is to ask audiences to send clips in and create video based around user-generated content.


Get to the point


Make sure your videos are clear and concise to gain maximum engagement but also to lower costs. The average attention span is eight seconds, meaning every frame of your video counts. Shorter videos that are to the point will allow audiences to take in more information – and also remember it.


Creating the video


Now you have an idea about what your content involves, it’s time to set a budget and decide on the creation.


When creating video, there are many options that avoid high production costs. Although you are working on a smaller budget, quality must never be sacrificed.


  • ask your team – gauge the experience you already have. Many creatives will have worked on video in the past and can use these skills to create high-quality work. This would result in cheaper costs as you’re not having to pay someone externally
  • videos can be simple – instead of a complicated video production, a webinar experience can make all the difference. Live videos get six times as many interactions as regular videos, on average. If you have some handy travel tips or a colleague on location, you can control the filming without needing to pay more for a professional videographer
  • work with an agency – this is more expensive, but you’ll save time and resources by giving the responsibility of planning and execution to an agency that specialises in video marketing. It’s a great way to ensure high-quality content – brands can then focus their attention on the day-to-day running
  • collaborations – influencer marketing and blogger outreach are great ways to get content at a lower price. Rather than organising the making of the video, why not partner up with a vlogger who can make and market the content for you? By arranging for them to make the video, it will mean more authenticity and consistency when marketing to their audiences.

Let’s get promoting


Defining a clear strategy when it comes to promotion is vital to gaining positive results.


Finding bloggers, influencers and other businesses to promote your new content is a great way to reach new audiences and increase traffic to your site. The aim is to collaborate with people who have an existing audience that you want to reach. By allowing them to promote your work, you can sit and back and relax as customers are led to your brand.


Video content gone wrong


In 2017, businessman Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule joined together to create luxury music event Fyre Festival. Using video content to promote the event, they flew big-name supermodels to an island to make a video advert for the new star-studded event. They promised attendees luxury accommodation, famous music artists and gourmet food located on a tropical island in the Bahamas. The reality was that lack of resources and false advertising meant festival-goers were met with rain-soaked mattresses, little food and an unfinished music stage.



Producing quality video marketing on a budget is now easier thanks to social media. As online communications grow, so do brands looking to promote using the latest content. Brands must ensure that the products, services and influencers they offer or use are authentic and genuine. False advertising can mislead customers, ruin brand reputation and at the very worst lead to criminal charges.


Final tip


Always keep an eye on the latest travel trends and news in the industry.


Stock photography company Shutterstock took advantage of the press attention surrounding the Fyre Festival fallout by releasing some video marketing of their own.



In a world where travel brands are confronted with short attention spans and changing technology, quality video marketing is vital to meeting the visual demands of audiences.


To make your content go the extra mile, don’t be afraid to repurpose it. Saving on cost, create blogs, landing pages and email newsletters ensuring a steady stream of content available for your audience. Through following these strategies, your travel brand will be able to produce top-quality video marketing on a budget in no time.