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How To Hire An Awesome Link Builder

What Is a Link Builder?

Link builders are individuals who specialise in content publicity. They advertise a website’s assets – products, pages, services – to other websites in the hopes of them leading back to it. As such, hiring the right person who provides exceptional link building services is pivotal to a company’s overall success.

What Should You Look For?

Here are some things you should definitely check to make sure that you hire the right person: 

Outstanding Communication Skills: A good link builder must have exceptional written and oral communication skills. If a candidate sends a CV or cover letter with grammatical errors, it is likely that their outreach emails will include the same. Moreover, if you can’t make people understand what you’re saying or vice versa, that’s not a good sign either.

Experience: The right candidate should have experience in any line of work related to the service industry – retail, bartending, or waiting tables. Basically, if they have dealt with people one-on-one, they certainly know how to build and maintain relationships, which is what link building is all about!

Persistence: Following up after an interview shows perseverance and dedication which are both admirable qualities to have in a link builder. If a link builder follows up even several months after the job is done, they’re highly likely to be able to handle your average webmaster. It is very common for webmasters to occasionally drop out of sight which can be annoying to deal with. However, a great link builder would never let them drop out of mind. Persistence is key here because that means they will be able to follow-up politely and land that link!

A Willingness to Make Mistakes: Some people might disagree with this approach but we believe that making mistakes leads to more lessons learned. A great link builder is not afraid to make mistakes, but of course, never the same one twice. More lessons learned automatically equate to better link building skills.

Good Manners: Of course, manners are important regardless of where you go or what you do. Webmasters can often resort to abusive language with link builders. They can lose their patience pretty quickly so it’s pivotal to have someone who won’t fight fire with fire but instead respond politely to get the desired links. By taking the blame and apologising politely, a good link builder can diffuse the situation easily and avoid conflict escalation.

Approaching Nuances with Proper Reasoning: This characteristic is particularly important because link builders need to think like a human being. To elaborate, they shouldn’t rely solely on what the numbers say. For example, it’s not wise to get a link on a website just because of its high Domain Authority even though it holds no relevance to the client’s brand. Nuance is the key here for comprehending these varying concepts and thus, creating a natural link profile.

Asking for Help: It’s an admirable quality to acknowledge your weaknesses or limits and ask for guidance from others. It’s common to hit a wall every now and then and asking someone else gives you a fresher perspective. It also means they’re thorough and care deeply about doing a great job.

Willingness to Argue: In this case, arguing translates to being confident about getting your point across. Sometimes, a superior may not be able to understand properly and that leads to bad decisions made. A great link builder would not be deterred in this scenario and continue to argue their point to get the job done right.

Regularity: Showing up on time is an important trait that a great link builder must possess. Unless extreme circumstances arise, they would show up on time if they’re truly dedicated.

Some Warning Signs to Look Out For

Here are some warning signs that you should definitely look out for: 

Having to Be Told the Same Thing Multiple Times: Dealing with each client’s specific requirements can be tricky. So, you need to have everything written down and ensure that it’s accessible to all our link builders. It’s OK if a link builder needs time to understand these things but some things shouldn’t really need repeating. For example, ‘We don’t want links on sites that aren’t indexed in Google’ or ‘We don’t deal with sites that are highly controversial’ aren’t things that should need repeating multiple times.

They Can’t Build Links: This is the bottom line. If you can’t achieve the key task of your job, what good are your services to a link-building company? Understandably, it can be a daunting task to build good links – sometimes you send dozens of outreach emails but get no response. However, it’s important to learn from your mistakes and generate better results the next time around. 

Want to Get It Right?

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