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How to Get Your Guest Posts Approved

If you’re looking for an effective way to get your material out there to various audiences, guest-post blogging is the way to go.

Guest blogging offers big advantages that have been proven to drive traffic to your site and improve sales. If you can get your guest posts published, you’ll gain some great benefits, such as visibility (you will be allowed to add a byline showing your name and a link to your site), increased traffic and sales, and increased credibility for your site through backlinks.

Getting your guest posts accepted requires endurance, research, patience, and skill – it’s not an automatic process by any means. To get a guest blogging opportunity, you’ll need to write a pitch, which is just like marketing your idea for a post. Your pitch must be good enough to be able to get you through the door, so you need to write a great pitch. At Woo, we offer a great guest post service, but in the meantime here are five essential tips that will help with how to pitch a great idea:

1. Create Fresh Content

Reading the same material in the same style over and over again can be boring and tiresome. Fresh material brings with it a fresh voice and a new outlook. It’s best to carve out a niche for yourself with your writing, impress your readers with facts, and show some wit and sparkle.

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2. Create Quality Content

When you create quality content, it means your blog post is much more likely to be accepted. The first thing you need to do is check your post for grammatical and spelling errors; there are plenty of online grammar checkers you can use for this purpose.

Even though you may not be a perfect writer, you should always aim to create your best work all the time. And if you’re going to be submitting your post to be published on a blog, it’s important you give it your best shot.

Demonstrate your writing skills, and save people the time and stress it would take for them to get your content up to the right quality for their blog. If you’re able to impress first time round, they may invite you to contribute future posts.

Proofread your post and if possible, get a second person to check it. If you can do all these things, there’s a high chance your post will not end up in the email bin. While proofreading, edit the post until you are able to achieve the wording you’re comfortable with.

3. Post in Your Niche

This is one of the most important tips for writing successful guest posts. Your niche provides some sort of comfort zone, and it’s where you should be starting your guest blogging from. This way, whoever reviews your entry will recognise your effectiveness, knowledge and passion about the subject. And because you’ll be linking back to your own website, it will make more sense if your blog is in the same niche as your guest post. Besides, this presents you as a subject-matter expert.

Another good reason to write about a subject you’re comfortable is that you could be asked to provide more posts in the same niche. While it’s good to explore and experiment, you might end up writing sub-standard content if you go too far outside of your speciality areas.

4. Stir Emotions and Intellectual Reactions

You need to know your audience. So, rather than create bland content, create something that stirs an emotional response. If your post comes across as boring, the reviewer might reject it. If you’re going for an intellectual approach, then do plenty of research and make sure you provide facts and figures. An emotional blog post should be personal, friendly and down to earth – those who read it will relate more with whatever you’re writing about. A great emotional blog post comes across as if it’s a real person in dialogue with someone else. If your writing is too formal, you might be stifling a lot of your creativity. Go with a casual, more relaxed tone when writing blog posts like this.

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5. Write about a Hot Topic

The topic of your guest blog goes a long way to determining whether it will be approved or rejected. We live in a time when people are always on the lookout for trending topics. If the topic of your guest post is hot, there is a high probability it will be accepted. If you time yourself right, and you’re able to post about a trending topic at the right time, you might be setting yourself up for success.

If the topic isn’t that hot, you can still put a spin on it and write it in a way that makes it irresistible for readers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a subject that has been written about many times, if you can put a new spin on it, people will want to read it.

Guest posts are essential for backlinks, traffic, and site authority. If you follow these tips, you’ll increase your chances of getting published. However, we can do all the hard work for you. We’re a guest post agency, and if you use us, you’ll get quality content relevant to your site. Get in touch with us today to enquire about our guest post services.

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