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How To Create The Perfect WikiPedia Page For Your Brand

How to Create the Perfect Wikipedia Page for Your Company

Wikipedia pages are always ranked at the top of the relevant Google searches. If you wish to make your company more visible and consequently more reputable on the internet, you’ll have to create a Wikipedia page for it. Not only will it get your brand’s name out there; it’ll also allow many users to understand what your business does and how it does it. I’ve laid out some steps for you to follow that’ll allow you to create the perfect Wikipedia page to benefit your company.

Step 1: Create Your Account

You need to create your own registered account so that your Wikipedia page gains the trust of the parent website and proves credible. If you start creating pages without a registered account of your own, Wikipedia will eventually find out that you are trying to edit someone else’s articles. Since your IP address gets recorded publicly in the edit history, they might even block you. To avoid this, you can create an account by navigating to the top right corner of the Wikipedia page and clicking on the ‘Create Account’ link.

Step 2: Build a Reputation with Wikipedia

Before you start creating your company’s Wikipedia page, it’s better to strategise about your registered account’s authenticity. You can prove your credibility by making some authentic edits that will build up your reputation. Make sure you have at least 10 contributions and a four-day-old account because that way, you’ll get promoted to an auto-confirmed user where your edits will be confirmed without requiring much moderation. 

To edit, locate the ‘Edit’ tab at the top of the article and click on it. If you only wish to make a small contribution, choose the ‘Edit’ link on the top of the paragraph you wish to edit.

Step 3: Choose What You Want to Write

This step is very important as this is where you determine what you want to be featured on your Wikipedia page. It’s crucial that you realise that Wikipedia is a serious business. When you search for something, you trust that the site will offer substantial results to add to your knowledge – and much the same would be expected from your contributions. Determine the right angle to follow to create your company’s page while keeping in mind that Wikipedia has a notability test that’ll determine if your submission gets published or not. So, make sure that your page is unique enough to get featured.

Step 4: Search Wikipedia Before Writing

Make sure you aren’t doing a repeat by typing your company’s name in the search bar and seeing what pops up (for example, ‘WooContent’). Most probably, you won’t find anything related to it if this is the first time that you’re creating your company’s page. So, you’ll be able to use whatever content you deem suitable for the page. Additionally, you won’t have to fuss about having your Wikipedia page confused with any other page.

Step 5: Request Creation of the Page 

When you search for your company and nothing comes up. There’s a text displayed underneath the ellipses that reads, ‘The page “WooContent” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created…’. Click on the hyperlinked text and it’ll take you directly to the ‘Articles for Creation’ page where you will find a button that reads ‘Click here to start a new article’. 

Step 6: The Wikipedia Article Wizard

After clicking on the button, you’ll be taken to the Wikipedia Article Wizard that will present you with three choices to get started: start writing your page straight away by choosing ‘Next’, practise editing in the Community Sandbox, or practise editing in your Personal Sandbox. 

The Community Sandbox resets edits after every hour and allows others to use it as well. On the other hand, your Personal Sandbox will retain your edits for you to return to them whenever you wish.  

Step 7: Don’t Forget to Add Citations

After clicking the Next button, you’ll be taken to the Referencing and Notability page. You’ll need to read the mentioned rules regarding referencing and citation carefully to avoid any rejections. If you’ve read Wikipedia articles before, you’ll know that the text contains a lot of numbers that are in superscript. These are references to the links from where you’ve gathered your information to write the content.

Remember to put in the right citations as this helps in improving your entry’s credibility with Wikipedia and the readers. Don’t forget to cite your company’s website as well as those sites that might contain backlinks to your own.

Step 8: Writing for SEO

Don’t forget the importance of writing for SEO while creating your company’s page. Including links in Wikipedia is a highly effective SEO content strategy and might just be the fastest way to get backlinks. The more links your text contains relevant to your company, the more traffic you’ll get on your website.

Step 9: Submit for Review

Once you are done writing, submit your page for review. Wikipedia will go through your article and decide whether it can be featured on the website or not. If Wikipedia finds your content credible and unique enough, your company’s article will be uploaded as a legitimate Wikipedia page on the website.

Step 10: Make Periodic Updates

Your job does not end at merely having the article published. It’s important to keep the page updated with the latest developments about your company. It helps maintain transparency while also providing your clients and readers with an honest outlook on your company.

Not Sure If You’ll Do the Job Right?

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration before writing a Wikipedia entry for your company. So, if you aren’t sure you’ll be able to do your brand justice, it’s better that you employ the services of an established SEO copywriting agency.