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How To Create The Perfect Copywriting Template

How to Create the Perfect Copywriting Brief Template

Are you currently employing a writer’s copywriting services to have your company’s product descriptions or blog posts written? Well, in order to ensure the work gets done properly, it’s important to outline a few things about your company and the project for them in the form of a copywriting brief.

What Is a Good Copywriting Brief?

A great copywriting brief is one that outlines four things for the copywriter to build from: basic information about the company, the products or services you offer, your target audience and how you tend to address them, and lastly, the content you need producing. When you’re done providing this information, make sure to check if you’ve added enough detail and provided links to your company’s products.

Why Is It Important?

Some freelancers tend to charge by the hour while others charge according to the number of revisions necessary to get the work done. So, when they don’t have a good copywriting brief to work from, it adds more time and revisions, costing you more money. It’s best that you save both your time and money by giving them every bit of information right from the start. Mention all the details that would allow them to create compelling copy that reflect the core values of your business. 

Tips for Creating the Perfect Copywriting Brief

Here is a complete breakdown of what to include in the brief and the level of detail required to cover each point: 

Details of the Project

  • Type of Content: You need to start the brief with what you want to be written. Is it a blog, a landing page, or product descriptions for your online stores? 
  • Niche: What sector does the project fall in? Is it related to fashion to promote your new line of clothing? Is it about wellness and beauty products? Also, be sure to specify if you require industry-specific content writing services for a higher level of readability. 
  • Word Count: You can either specify a fixed number of words or you can provide a minimum or maximum limit to allow the copywriter to have some degree of flexibility. Be clear about whether exceeding limits will impact the payment.
  • Project Context: What is the scope of this project? Has something like this already been produced? Is this a part of a much larger project? Remember to answer all these questions and state how this job fits into your whole content marketing campaign. Moreover, don’t forget to mention where their writing piece will appear.
  • Audience: Whatever information you have on your target audience is crucial to mention to the copywriter. Whether it’s customer profiles or some data that your research team pulled, be sure to include it here.
  • Company Information: It’s better to give as much information as you can in this section as it is pivotal for ensuring captivating copy. Make sure to let the writer know if you’re a start-up company or whether you wish to rebrand in a certain area. Also, specify how you typically address your customers. Do you opt for a warm, friendly tone or are you more professional and formal?
  • Images: Be sure to include details about the dimensions and resolution of the images you want, if any. Remember that not all freelance copywriters offer this service.
  • Keywords: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical if you want your content to be prominent in the search results. Let the writer know what search terms you want them to include in the copy such as ‘UK copywriting agency’.
  • The Task: Provide the writer with all the information they need to carry out the task. For example, providing links to sources and mentioning a specific layout that you prefer. 
  • Call to Action: Mention the goal of the copy – should the writer link to your contact page or a particular offer?
  • Additional Information: This is where you are free to mention anything you would like that you think will help the writer understand the work better. For example, you can mention some words you want them to avoid or how many paragraphs you want the content to be divided into.

Contractual Agreement

  • Fee: Clearly mention the overall fee of the project, when payment will take place, and jwp the funds will be transferred. Also, be sure to check the copywriter’s policy on revisions. Will free edits be provided or will you be required to pay extra?
  • Deadline: Specify the timeframe of the work. 
  • Signing Off: Be sure to include the following at the end of your copywriting brief:
  1. The name and signature of the company/client
  2. The name and signature of the copywriter
  3. The date of the agreement

Who Will Provide the Brief?

You might find that the copywriter who you wish to work with already has a copywriting brief template for you to download and fill out. In that case, the process is straightforward. However, not all of them are prepared so you might need to make your own. In that case, it’s best to begin by emailing them to check if the writer would like to proceed with the project. After they have shown interest, you can get down to writing the brief as specified above. 

Will It Take Too Much Time?

Yes, it will take up some amount of your time but there is no way around it. A copywriter will always require a proper brief to ensure that you receive the right result. At the same time, it’s important to remember not to overwhelm the writer with a lot of details and highly-specific requirements that would hinder creativity.

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