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How To Create Engaging Technology Content

Do you remember the days when if you had a Walkman you were the coolest kid in town? Gone are those days, as technology keeps on evolving with new products every other week. Who knew that you could have so many options when it comes to buying an item such as a phone?

In an attempt to outdo the competition, companies employ marketing teams to better appeal to customers. They create content and spend millions on social media and television marketing. However, not all of them are effective at appealing to the masses. Although the material is engaging, often the basic principles are not explained, and it ends up a waste of resources.

Think about it. You want a new smart TV. What is the first thing you do before going to the store to buy one? You look online to find out what the spec is, what others are saying about it, and if it suits your exact needs. How easily you find this information will determine if you buy the product or not. Here is where a technical copywriting agency comes in. Technology copywriters not only understand how to keep your consumers engaged, but also appeal to what they need.

According to Deloitte’s Consumer 2020 report, consumers no longer passively receive information. They also contribute actively on how that information is distributed and received, within their social media circles. That is why you need technical copywriting services to enable you to send out a message that will be acceptable to your consumers. Now before you go scouring the web for a technical copywriting agency, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

1.     Latest Information

When creating content, make sure that the information that you give is on something that you look out for as well. Be in tune with what is happening in your area of business. Social media is a mine of information. Platforms such as Twitter, Google and Alexa all provide you with information on what is trending in your location.

As technology evolves, manufacturers and developers almost always offer free testers of their products. Try as much as possible to enrol in this and gain an inside perspective of what it involves. Link up with groups of common interests of that particular product or service to get other people’s opinions. Only then will you have sufficient material to share with your target audience.

Some places where you can get excellent technical writing examples include Mashable, TechCrunch, and The Next Web. Any company that provides technical copywriting services seeks to have their content published here as well. They are among the most trusted and visited sites on technology news globally, with each boasting no fewer than 1.5 million followers on Twitter alone.

2.     Relatability

One thing as a content writer you may sometimes let slip is how your content relates to your target audience. Unless you are selling your product to a computer engineering expert, there is no point of getting into the manufacturing process of the processor of the computer. Avoid using too much jargon in your content. It intimidates the average reader and alienates them, too. Focus more on why that computer processor is necessary and how it makes your readers’ lives easier. Always makes sure that you understand the following:

    • Who is your target audience?
      • As you write, ask yourself if your average non-tech reader will understand what it is you are narrating on. It does not mean that you fluff down the content with words that deviate from the actual product part. Use language that is easily consumable by your client. Here is an example of what to avoid:a) The new I7 Intel processor has a clock speed of 3.5GHz with four cores.
        b) The new I7 allows you to switch on your computer as quickly as your television. It is that fast!

        The two sentences talk about the same thing but the second one is much more relatable to the average person.
  • Impact on the sales funnel

Each item of content has an intended purpose. Whether it is generating new leads or ensuring customer loyalty. Your content should achieve the desired intent.


3.     Length of the article

No one wants to read an entire eBook about a single product. Keep in mind that your audience only has a limited time before deciding to buy. Your customer will be looking for specific information about your product. Try and breakdown your article into sections that are relevant to what your audience is seeking. Sections help in faster navigation of the content on offer and will lead to higher conversions.


4.     Facts matter

As you create content for your users, ensure that you are writing from your own actual experiences. Writing out of imagination will only destroy your credibility among your consumers. All the technical writing examples that you read on the sites mentioned above, the writers are actual users of the product. It allows you to offer more accurate information on ease of use and value addition, all of which help the consumer make a decision. By using the product or software, you can discover things and come up with hacks that would generally go unnoticed. You should also offer comparisons with other alternatives in the market. It allows the reader to make a concise decision as to why your offering is superior.


Finally, make use of social media. The technology space is a fast-moving one, with people looking for quick and reliable information. As you create your content, ensure that it is in line with the functionalities of the social platforms available. Twitter and Reddit have become the go-to platforms for everything technology. Therefore, tailor-make your content to be easily accessible through these platforms and watch your audience grow day by day. Come up with catchy headlines and calls to action for your readers, and you will not be disappointed.