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How to Build Links with Infographics

Infographics can be described as a power tool for delivering high-impact graphics. And despite a drop in popularity, infographics continues to be a successful strategy as they beat other forms of visual content and help to improves SEO.

Not only are infographics a fantastic way to narrate a story, but they are also colourful and provide a means of delivering a great deal of information quickly, making them extremely shareable.

Therefore, if your current content strategy involves the creation of original infographics, you’re on course for success. But you can’t get more links by just publishing infographics.

You need to do more to maximise your infographic design, such as optimising your visual content to improve your link-building strategy. Infographics and building backlinks can always work in tandem.

So, how can you leverage infographics for high-quality link building? That’s what this guide is about to teach you.

Infographics and Link Building

There are various link-building strategies in use today, whether it’s an outreach team with the key task of searching for prospects for link building, trying to discover broken links that your articles can replace, or writing guest blogs on other sites with links back to your site.

If you want to improve website traffic, increase domain authority, and boost SEO on your site, creating and promoting infographics is the strategy to implement. When you design an infographic about a trending topic, which includes informative stats and data visualisations, people with an interest in that topic will share your infographic with others.

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Ways to Build Links through Infographics

1. Share

Put a content promotion plan in place that includes sharing your infographic on social media. Identify the platforms with the best audience for your particular infographic and concentrate on them.

Part of your content promotion plan should involve teasing the audience with bits and pieces of your article and infographic across your chosen social-media platforms for the next couple of days or weeks.

Make sure you’re not giving away the whole infographic at once. Share smaller snippets of your content each time so they are best suited for social media. Post a few tweets every day, and share snippets once every few days on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Also, find applicable subreddits and share your content on them. This ensures that you can widen your reach to include more targeted community members.

2. Promote

With your promotion in place, create an ad on your leading platforms. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Twitter ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, or Instagram Story ads, you need to ensure that your chosen platform is the right one for your content.

3. Publish

Publish a new post along with your infographic. Include some copy that explains your processes as well as your findings from the infographic. Ensure that you add an embed code so that others can share your infographic easily.

It’s important not to share your infographic by itself because firstly, Google likes seeing text within a blog post or web page, and secondly, even though Google claims word count is not important, it’s obvious that longer content always ranks higher. So, although higher word count does not automatically translate to quality content, there appears to be a relationship between the two.

Finally, end your post with a CTA (call-to-action), requesting that your reader shares the infographic on their site. Even though this might not guarantee anything, it will at the very least help increase your shares better than when you don’t end with a CTA.

Once published, other bloggers and creators now have a piece they can link back to.

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4. Blogger and Influencer Outreach

You have to be strategic in reaching out to bloggers and influencers in your industry. Ensure you reach out to those with connections to your topic who share infographics.

Email them about the infographic content you’ve created which you think their audience would really love, and ask them if they would like to take a look.

If they respond to your email, you can then ask for a share on their website or social media.

5. Infographic Directories

There are loads of infographic directories out there that are willing to publish your infographic once you submit it to them. While some of them will ask for a unique description to accompany your infographic, many will accept it all on its own.

Infographic directories are great for providing a link back to your content and help your infographic to be seen by a larger audience.

6. Press Releases

A press release is a great means of generating hype and buzz around your infographic. Press releases can be submitted to numerous PR sites like PR Leap, PRWeb, and PR Newswire.

Since journalists pick up press releases, this could be your chance to be featured in a key online publication.

7. Connect

If you have the contact details of people who you’ve worked with at one time who might be interested in your infographic, now is the time to get in touch with them. This strategy is more personalised than the usual influencer outreach, as you would most likely have direct emails and other connections to the contacts.

Contact them to inform them about your infographic and see if they would like to take a look and possibly share it with their audience.

Also, you should reach out to people you cited within your content. If you let people know when you’ve used their quotes or information as a source, they’ll be more inclined to share your infographic as they’ll possibly be more eager to show their followers.

The internet is littered with infographics, so you need to discover ways to gain the necessary exposure and ensure yours stands out from the crowd. The easiest way to do this is to consider outsourcing your infographic project to an infographic agency. This will increase your chances of building more backlinks, increasing web traffic, and ultimately boost your SEO.

If you require our infographic design service, please get in touch today.