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How Evergreen Content Can Benefit Your Brand

Dedicating time and effort to create evergreen content is a wise thing to do. It will save you time, money, and energy in the long run.

One of the worst things about publishing other content types (for example, content about new tactics) is that they all have an expiry date on them. These new tactics will become old, and you’ll need to publish something new.

The best type of content is evergreen content. It should always be your primary focus as a copywriter or if you hire a copywriting service to do your writing. Before highlighting some of the major benefits of evergreen content for your brand, let’s define it.

What Is Evergreen Content?

The most important things to note about content that’s evergreen are its unchanged value and relevance over time. In other words, irrespective of market and industry trends and changes, this type of content remains useful over time.

The term evergreen comes from trees and plants whose leaves are always green, irrespective of the season. Evergreen content can be classified as:

  1. Content whose value and relevance are unaffected by time, changes, and trends. One example in this category includes something like, ‘the principles of ABC’. Principles transcend time and will therefore always be relevant.
  2. Content that is occasionally updated to reflect changes that have occurred over time. For content in this category to qualify as evergreen, it shouldn’t be one that needs constant updates. For example, ‘The Ultimate Guide To The Best Places To Visit In England’ won’t need changing every month – but it may need updating every couple of years.

Generally, when creating content in the second category, you should not include dates, numbers, or URL. So the example given above is better than the ‘The Ultimate Guide To The Best Places To Visit In England In 2020’, otherwise you would have to edit the title and every other place where the year 2020 appears every year.

The Importance Of Evergreen Content

At this point, you are probably wondering why you should use evergreen content, and how it benefits you. Here’s why:

1. Creating Evergreen Content Now Means Less Work In The Long Run

When you employ a content strategy that sees you creating new content every time, not only will it tire you, you’ll lose time and traction. That’s beside the fact that it’s a recipe for creating content that quickly loses relevance.

While you may put more into creating evergreen content since it is considerably longer than other content forms, you will still be reaping the benefits for many years to come. You will also be getting plenty of shares and backlinks from it, especially if it has performed well and because of its value.

2. You Benefit From Its SEO Strength

Evergreen content is a favourite among search engines. One primary reason is that people find them very valuable and spend time on them. That time spent (called ‘dwell time’) signals to Google that the content is valuable – something they want for their users. The result is that your content begins to rank higher.

Another reason it is smiled upon is that evergreen content is usually in-depth. While Google is a search engine, there is a preference for in-depth content that answers users’ questions. So, if a user can find what he is looking for in one article, as opposed to reading through dozens to get what he wants, that one article will be prioritised over others.

Thirdly, evergreen content enjoys a lot of backlinks, which is at the heart of off-page SEO. The reason for this is that it’s mostly considered as a fully-fledged resource because of the quality and how much information it contains. As a result, many websites link to it. The more those incoming links are from other trusted and high DA websites, the more value Google places on them, and the higher the rank.

For this reason alone, if your content is produced in-house or you hire a qualified content writing service, ensure they produce evergreen content as often as possible.


Since evergreen content is in-depth, relevant, and useful as a resource, they usually get a lot of shares. That’s great for several reasons, including brand exposure.

Think of it this way: If you found a valuable content on the internet that solved so many of the problems you were having in an area, let’s say in your business, and you have a friend that also has those same issues, will you share that content with him? Of course, you will. That’s the power of evergreen content – a lot of shares resulting in a lot of organic traffic. Yet, if the content simply contained one minor information you could text or tell him whenever you met, the chances are that you might not share it.

4. Promote As Often As Possible

One good thing about evergreen content is that you can repeatedly promote it on the various social media platforms. In many cases, you might need to edit and update a few information, but that’s as far as it goes. And since you know it always performs, and your audience will always find it relevant, you can be sure of the results you will get each time you promote it.

5. You Become a Smarter Marketer

Because evergreen content is relevant over a long time, you will have more data and results to analyse. With each promotion you run, you can see what works over time and what doesn’t. You will know exactly what to adjust in your marketing strategy.

The result is that over time, you will save a lot of money in your marketing because you will be putting money into what is proven to work. This is as opposed to promoting new content every time.

6. Repurpose It

You can always repurpose evergreen content and use it across different digital platforms. Yes! That it’s a long-form content doesn’t mean you cannot split it and use the pieces in other places.

There are several types of evergreen content you can create for your readers, including, detailed guides, how-tos, the ultimate lists (detailed listicles), and several more. As part of your content marketing strategy, ensure that you create as much of these types of content for your audience. The benefits to your brand are endless. Some of them have been mentioned above. One of the best parts is that you’ll be using it for several years to come without it losing its relevance.

If your content strategy doesn’t include evergreen content, you need to go back to the drawing board. Find a reputable copywriting agency that can help your business in creating these types of content – you’ll be glad you did.