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AI-powered content strategies that are aligned with business goals.


Audience-focused SEO copy written & edited at scale by industry experts.


Content refreshed to stay relevant to people and search engine algorithms.


Newsworthy content with links, placed on relevant, high authority websites.

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High Quality

Our copywriting services consist of thorough briefs, industry-experienced writers, up to three rounds of revisions.


Over 10 years of experience in successfully delivering copywriting services at scale.


We create content that benefits many commercial metrics, ultimately boosting online sales.

Proven Experts

Our testimonials and case studies demonstrate our copywriting services deliver results.

Cost Effective

As a virtual copywriting agency, we don’t have the same overheads as larger bricks-and-mortar agencies, meaning we can pass on these savings to our clients.

Our Copywriting Agency delivers results


Generate more awareness and leads for your business.


Quality content that keeps people onsite for longer.

Earned Links

Informational content others want to reference.

Keyword Rankings

Well-optimised content that ranks higher.

Basket Sizes

Persuasive content that convinces shoppers.


Attention-grabbing content that emphasises value.

Brand Integrity

Authoritative and consistent content that builds trust.

Brand Loyalty

Reliable information your audience will return to.

Copywriting Experience


Branded SEO-friendly food content

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Copywriting Agency FAQs

Copywriting is the art of writing for web or print publishers, producing advertisements and marketing material such as blogs, product descriptions or landing pages. These written words are called ‘copy’. Copywriting is essential to your business because it helps you position your product, brand or service in the best possible light to reach your target audience. It also helps you rank for specific keywords on major search engines – which is where an expert copywriting agency like Woo can help.

One of the main benefits of using a copywriting agency is having someone on hand with the right writing and industry expertise to help you best position your brand, offering and service with persuasive content. Having an expert copywriting agency not only helps you save time, but also ensures that your copy is on-brand, search-engine friendly and meets the needs of your target audience.

Yes. Effective SEO copywriting works with the goal of generating organic search traffic to get your content in front of the right people. This involves targeting particular keywords that are most relevant to the products or services you’re trying to sell. It really depends on your strategy and what your goals are, as different types of content support different needs at various stages of the buying journey. Blogs can be used to generate awareness, while buying guides support research – and product descriptions are at the point of conversion. At every stage, there is an opportunity to use keywords that will drive important traffic to your website. Get in touch to find out whether Woo is the right copywriting agency for you.

Yes, we offer SEO copywriting services. Using a killer combination of copywriting skills, industry experience and SEO know-how, we deliver campaigns that continually improve your business performance. The key thing to remember with SEO is that it takes time and there are no guarantees, so you have to be realistic and choose your battles wisely. There is no point going after very competitive keywords on a limited budget. Woo can help you choose the right battles, so any money you invest generates a positive ROI. As a copywriting agency, we don’t work with anyone and everyone – we only work with clients with whom we can add meaningful value.

Our pricing varies depending on what you are looking for. However, if you have a copywriting brief and know exactly what you want, our product descriptions can cost as little as £15 when bought in bulk, but our minimum order value is £500. Our typical retainer clients pay between £1,000-£5,000 per month, which usually includes consultancy, content, SEO and link building. You can find out more about our packages here, but everything we do is tailored to our clients and their individual needs. As a copywriting agency, we offer affordable, valuable web content services underpinned by extensive experience and expertise. Submit a brief here and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

The primary reason we charge by the word is that we pay by the word. Some subjects are extremely complex and require a lot of research, and other projects are a little more straightforward, so there is a time consideration to be had. As a copywriting agency, we need to consider this when deciding how to price campaigns, however, we are always completely transparent in the way we work with our clients.

Yes, we do charge by the hour for content strategy and planning work. As a copywriting agency we work with both brands and agencies. Most agencies supply us with ready to write briefs however when working with brands, there is often a need for support in planning the content to include writing briefs. Our pricing is competitive and we will always outline exactly what you are paying for. It’s important to remember that it takes time to plan content that is optimised for search. Spending good time on keyword research and content briefs is worth its weight in gold, to ensure your content achieves your required goals.

First of all, copywriting isn’t about writing ‘something’, and it’s not about filling space on a blank page. It’s about creating a concept that allows an audience to understand you, your brand and offering. Copywriting uses a unique combination of skills: grammar and punctuation (of course), industry knowledge and persuasive writing. Not only that, but what we specialise in is optimising content for SEO. By buying content from an experienced copywriting agency you are giving your business the best possible chance of success, with a low initial outlay and a fantastic ROI. Whether you need copywriting for emails, your blog or marketing materials, using an experienced copywriter can dramatically improve your ROI.

It’s entirely your choice! But our prices are cost-effective for the level of service, collaboration and expertise offered, and we know that we generate positive returns for our clients regularly. There is plenty of cheap copywriting on the web, it’s a big issue! You can join the masses or make a difference but standing out from the crowd has a price. As mentioned above, what makes Woo special is our industry-specific writing experience and our wider digital marketing knowledge that focuses all our activity on results. Remember: your content is an asset, and good copy will reap dividends and pay for itself over and over again. Invest in a copywriting agency who is focused on ROI.

Usually, you will begin by sending us a brief to review (you can do that here). Once we have looked at your brief, we’ll be keen to speak with you to discuss it, and even meet up if you wish. It’s important to get to grips with your business, your offering, your target audience and your goals before we put forward a proposal. Depending on the scope we will usually present you with some slides that will outline exactly what we propose to do, how we will do it and what the expected outcomes are against the budget. Once we agree to work together we will allocate you an account manager who will be your day-to-day contact, and we will book an introductory call to get started.

This will depend on the size and scope of the project. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and scalability while producing high-quality content, and we’re happy to let you know best and worst-case timescales. Whatever the timescale, we’ll keep you updated regularly along the way.

‘Woo’ means to persuade and that’s exactly what we aim to do with the content we produce. We create high-quality optimised content for people and search that persuades and entertains.

Absolutely! We are based in Hertfordshire, close to London, and we’re always happy to meet locally with or to travel a little further afield if it makes sense. If logistics don’t allow, we’re happy to pop on a Hangout or Skype so you can see our happy faces!

A copywriter is someone who writes text for advertising and marketing purposes. This writing, or ‘copy’, is used to help sell or give information about a product or service. Copywriters use a combination of industry knowledge, research skills and excellent grammar to create engaging sales and marketing copy for your business.

One of the main benefits of using professional copywriters is having someone on hand to help you best position your brand, offering and service with persuasive content. Having an expert copywriter not only saves you time but also ensures your copy is search-engine friendly and matches the needs of your target audience.


While the majority of the copywriting work we produce is evergreen content, landing pages, blogs and product descriptions, we also produce other formats such as news, reviews, interviews, how-to guides, white papers and infographics. Often, we produce different types of content for the same client every month. We also offer content marketing support to help you get your content seen, and are experts on link building and blogger outreach.

Our experienced team of copywriters are skilled at learning and adopting a brand’s tone of voice (the way you speak and communicate with your audience). By getting to know you and your target audience really well, we create persuasive copy that sounds just like you.

Ideally, you would give us some time to discuss your brand, offering and target audience. If you already have a set of brand guidelines or tone-of-voice guidelines, so much the better, because it will help make the process go a little quicker. Additionally, if you can supply us with any keywords and priority landing pages you would like to target, we can optimise the content and build internal links to key pages. If you don’t have the above we can ask a few simple questions that will help us create an official tone-of-voice document for your brand.

Depending on whether we need your expert knowledge, our writers typically research industries, topics and opinions. Using your insights and keywords, we create insightful blog copy that not only engages your audience but also keeps search engines happy, supporting traffic generation and wider marketing activity.

The briefing is how we get to know you and your business. Anything you can bring to the initial briefing will be helpful, but key things we’re likely to cover include:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice
  • SEO strategy
  • Business goals
  • Target audience
  • Strategy/messaging
    If you have any examples of great writing or styles that you like that you’ve seen elsewhere, bring them along!

We have never had a situation where a client has been unhappy with the content we’ve produced for them, but we’re always open to feedback and guidance if you would like the copy to have a specific focus.

You own all the content we produce – that is what you pay for. You can use the content how you please, and repurpose it as many times as you like.