Guest Post Service

Link building today is tougher than ever. It’s essential that you focus on quality, authority and relevance in order to develop a healthy backlink profile. This in turn increases brand awareness, traffic, links, likes and shares. WooContent is the guest post agency to help you achieve all of these.

What is guest posting in SEO?


Guest posting is the ultimate win-win in terms of creating backlinks and awareness. In short, an article is written for a website that isn’t yours, but with a link embedded that will link back to your own. When placed on a well-researched and relevant site, a guest post drives impressive amounts of traffic from both existing and new audiences.


Posting on a site that has established itself and boasts good Domain Authority (DA) will ensure a quality backlink profile, and will contribute to your own reputation as a respected voice within your field. Guest posting also helps to build important relationships with people who already have a large audience, which then becomes a resource that you can tap into.


The key to successful guest posting is understanding the target audience and tone of a website.

Why are backlinks important?


Quality backlinks lead to a significantly improved Google ranking, through the following:


  • When carefully created and placed, backlinks demonstrate not only the relevance of your website, but also that you are a genuine authority in your field. If a respected site publishes an article that links to you, every audience member will naturally assume you are a trusted member of the same sector.


  • Quality backlinks lead to increased traffic from relevant and interested parties. Choosing to create guest content for an established website allows you to tap into a larger and already verified audience who are more likely to click to your site.


  • Faster indexing and better ranking are direct results of increased organic traffic. Quality backlinks provide this traffic and demonstrate to Google that you have genuine authority, and that your are a trustworthy site that needs to be easier for search-engine users to find.

Our approach to guest posting.


We focus on quality not quantity because we know that one well-executed and perfectly positioned guest post will garner better results than 50 low-quality, irrelevant internet-flooding pieces.


Our process, managed by a named account manager, is as follows:


Audience – we do our research to understand you, your audience and who you want to reach.

Competitors – we look to see what your rivals are doing differently, particularly those that are demonstrably performing well.

Publishers – with an understanding of who you are and your existing audience, as well as the people you are hoping to reach, we draw up a prospect list – this is a comprehensive account of potential publishers for placing guest posts with.

Ideation – we will start crafting ideas for relevant guest posts that are perfect for creating those all-important backlinks.

Outreach – we don’t work backwards, so before writing any posts we pitch our ideas to chosen publishers to ensure we have a placement agreed.

Content – we use respected and experienced copywriters to create engaging articles with best-practice anchor text to make sure your content is both interesting and natural in terms of link inclusion.

Sites our clients have been featured.

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Guest posting FAQs:

Who writes your guest blog posts?

We have a multi-disciplinary writing team with plenty of experience, coming from all sorts of backgrounds, industries and businesses.


How long are guest blog posts?

Our guest blog posts vary in length depending on your requirements, but are usually a minimum of 500 words.


Can I give you my own content?

Yes, of course. We will work with you on your requirements for your content, so you have the opportunity to make suggestions and/or provide original content for use within the blog.


How many links will be included?

It will depend on the guest blogging partner, but most guest-blog opportunities will be happy with two links.


Who chooses the anchor text and keywords?

You do! As part of your requirements, you can tell us which keywords and phrases you’d like us to focus on and we’ll incorporate these into the content and the guest-blog partnership. This ensures your message is the focal point at all times.


What is your turnaround time?

We can deliver content as quickly as you need it, but it really depends on the size and scope of the campaign. When we discuss the brief with you, we will provide you with a realistic timescale. 


Are your guest-blogging websites real?

Absolutely! Some guest-blogging facilitators will put your content on low-quality websites with a poor domain authority (DA). At WooContent, we only work with real websites and people, crafting genuine working partnerships to make a successful, beneficial relationship for everyone.


Do you have industry-specific websites?

Yes, we have partners from all sorts of niches for guest blogging, so we’ll have a partner that works for you and your business.


Do you have sample websites that I can see?

Of course. Contact us and we will happily share examples with you.


Will my website be penalised by guest blogging?

No, definitely not. We have real relationships with bloggers, influencers and industry websites, and we don’t automate our distribution system so you won’t have any problems with your links appearing on spammy websites. Your guest blogs will appear on websites with strong domain authority, giving you more link equity and organically improving your SEO!


What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Guest blogging is one of the elements of our white-hat link-building strategy, so it’s really important to us that we contribute to improving your organic rankings. Guest blogging and partnerships with high-DA websites allow you to gain extra referral traffic, improving your SEO and your own DA, and positioning you and your business as a thought leader in your industry.


Does guest blogging help with SEO?

Yes. Each link back to your website (backlink) from a high-authority website gives you extra ‘points’ towards your SEO and is one of the key considerations for search engines. Backlinks prove expertise, relevance and quality content. Another element of SEO is popularity, and the more referral traffic you can gain, the better your popularity, so guest blogging works to improve several significant SEO factors at the same time.


How much does your service cost?

Our minimum order value for campaigns is £1,000. The more budget you have, the more PR-led we can be in our approach, repurposing content into different formats, and attracting more quality links across different types of publishers. 


Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we do. Ideally we like to work in three-month cycles which enable us to plan and execute campaigns over time, which usually yields better results. The more time spent on planning, the better the outcome.


How do I place an order?

Contact us today and we will get back to you with a proposal within 48 hours.