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Google Webmaster Tools has a new ‘security issues’ section

Last month Google announced its new section within Webmaster Tools called ‘Security Issues’, the purpose of which is to help website owners become more aware of security threats such as hacking and malware.

After communicating the security issue at hand, the new section will go on to provide the owner or SEO manager with a detailed method of fixing the issue as well as submitting a review request.

This new security section will allow website owners to find more information about the security threats your site faces, all in one place. It will also enable you to pinpoint security problems swiftly, with the help of code snippets. Additionally, you’ll be able to request reviews for all security issues in one go.

Some of the threats that the new section will help you combat include malware code injection, error template injection, SQL injection, content injection for spam and more.

After seeing the threat highlighted in the ‘Security Issues’ section, you’ll be able to ‘zoom in’ to the string of code that represents the hack/malware. This way, you can scan your site for a match on the suspected code/content.

Once the threat has been fixed, you can check the box that says, ‘I have fixed these issues’ and then clock the ‘Request a review’ button if you want to get a review for the expulsion of the threat.