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Google still dominating the search engine market

Despite recent efforts by search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! to get users to switch allegiance, Google is still in the lead, with a 70% share in the search engine market.

According to Comscore.com of the 17 billion searches made in November, 11.4 billion were made through Google, explaining why the majority of SEO companies focus their strategies on Google.

Clearly Bing’s ‘Scroogled’ campaign had some effect this year, as the search engine saw a 0.2% rise in market share last month. This is especially telling in light of the drop in shares of Yahoo! and Ask.com.

Despite sharing nowhere near as much of the domination in the market as Google, Bing was second in Comscore’s findings as Microsoft Sites ranked second with 2.7 billion searches.

Searchenginewatch.com, a popular SEO information website, claimed that last month saw Google’s organic search results making up 69.45% of all internet searched, whereas Bing only produced 25.4%.

With such a large presence in the realm of Search Engines, it would seem that Google has nothing to worry about with regards to its competitors, however some believe this is not the case.

According to Thomas Claburn, of Information week, Google’s biggest challenge for 2013 will be regarding monetised mobile adverts. Meanwhile, Microsoft believes that Google’s manipulation of their shopping service will see customers switch to other search engines.