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Fresh Cutts: larger websites won’t automatically rank higher

Traditionally, webmasters have always believed that the more pages your website has, the better it bodes for your Google rankings.

A larger website with more pages indexed within it would be able to capture a hefty amount of long-tail search traffic from visitors to the internal pages.

Last month, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam division, stated that, a website with a larger number of indexed pages wouldn’t actually automatically rank higher than others. This extinguishes the belief that simply adding extra pages to your site would boost its rankings over smaller sites.

On the other hand, a larger site will always generate more traffic, despite its Google ranking. This is because each individual page will rank for its own set of search queries, which will increase the opportunity for extending traffic.

Cutts was keen to remind webmasters that links make the biggest contribution to a website’s ranking, and larger websites often have more of these. However, if your website is merely a collection of pages without links, the Google ranking will be unaffected. But if it has more pages and therefore more links pointing to it, it will contribute favourably to your ranking.

The lesson here is that you shouldn’t have a large but empty website floating around the internet. The effect of having a large site i.e. having more pages and increased potential for others to link to your site, will definitely help.