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Fashion copywriting experts

When it comes to producing compelling industry-specific copy, Woo is able to distinguish itself from other agencies. All our fashion copywriters have experience working in some of the best-known brand content teams, as well as up-and-coming talent.

From individual blogs to fully-fledged online campaigns, our team builds trust and drives engagement and conversion with powerful, on-point copy. With a fashion-killer combination of passion and expertise, our fashion copywriting agency will help your brand make the ultimate content fashion statement.

At Woo, we are experts at creating copy for all sectors of the Fashion industry, including:

  • Apparel
  • Commerce
  • Design
  • Distribution
  • Fashion-Tech
  • Footwear
  • Influencers
  • Lifestyle
  • Luxury/High fashion
  • Manufacturing
  • Mass/ High-street fashion
  • Textiles

Branded SEO-friendly fashion content

At Woo, we take time to understand your business, audience personas and commercial goals. This enables us to produce branded content that’s on tone while being focused on generating clicks, likes and shares. 

So, whether you’re creating fashion copy for SEO, product descriptions or guest posts, we understand how to deliver high-quality fashion copywriting tailored for people and search.

There are many benefits to investing in branded content in the fashion industry. The best content:

  • is informative and helpful, not invasive
  • conveys your values
  • is optimised for your target keywords
  • is engaging and encourages shares and backlinks
  • makes an emotional connection with readers
  • inspires them to take action
Our approach
Woo uses a cloud-based platform to deliver content at speed and scale, on time and on budget. While every client is different, we have a tried-and-tested process for content production, where we plan, brief, create, edit and publish content direct to your CMS, all from one place. This approach streamlines delivery.

The typical process we apply when working with clients can be summarised into three phases:
Identifying and understanding customer profiles, defining content goals

Keyword research, trend analysis, competitor analysis, brainstorming

Content calendars, style and tone-of-voice guidelines, optimisation

Types of fashion content we provide

No matter which type of fashion copywriting services you’re after, we’re here to help. We write landing pages, category pages, blog posts, and press releases, to name but a few.

Some of the popular formats of content we can produce for you include:

Product pages and descriptions

At Woo, our writers create the best copy to keep your audience engaged. With 87% of shoppers rating product content as extremely or very important when making a purchasing decision, we know the importance of strong calls to action, the need for SEO optimisation and the best ways to increase traffic to your website.

Category pages

Well-optimised category pages are a great way of attracting organic web traffic: content plays a pivotal role in making this happen. Our team of content strategists and writers are skilled in creating eye-catching titles to obtain high-level engagement.

Evergreen content

As a fashion copywriting agency, we position our clients as experts in their field by creating thought-provoking content that can be repurposed. Creating these pieces of copy are key to any strategy, whether it’s content marketing or SEO. Using them as central points in a variety of campaigns, we save brands time and resources – maintaining all of the rewards.

Branded blog content

30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger. Our fashion writers do extensive research in the early planning stages understanding which influencers your consumers relate to. At Woo, our fashion copywriting service helps you create meaningful content to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.

Latest news/press releases

Great fashion PR coverage is hard to come by without well-written content. Our press releases have achieved extensive coverage in leading national and international newspapers. If you’re launching a new collection, hosting an event or rebranding, we can work with you to shape the best-possible content.

Video scriptwriting

According to research, while 20% of people will read the text on a page, 80% will watch a video. By working with Woo Content, we can guide you through the process of creating video that will shine online. Using clear and concise script writing, we make sure that you communicate effectively to your audiences, gaining maximum results.


Here are some of the brands we’ve had the pleasure of creating content for…

5 Fashion Content Titles That Will Get You Clicks

The very basis of fashion is founded by a desire to stay up to date with trends, so it’s no surprise the industry has adapted to the demands of the digital age.

Both brands and influencers are in constant competition to generate online content that offers a fresh perspective and inspires engagement from their audiences.

Attracting a steady stream of organic traffic becomes an increasingly difficult task within such a saturated industry, yet there are a few article topics that promise to generate interest season after season. A balance of  trend-led and evergreen content is crucial if brands are to make their copy earn valuable engagement. Here are our top picks for fail-safe fashion titles that are all but guaranteed to get you clicks.

Wardrobe essentials that every fashionista should own

Trends may come and go, but wardrobe essentials are here to stay. Basic pieces tend to be universal across different demographics, giving fashion brands the chance to create informative content that translates to many different audiences. Much like the pieces themselves, this is content that promises never to go out of style, and can easily be refreshed on a seasonal basis if required.

A leader in online fashion writing, WhoWhatWear have nailed this kind of evergreen content. The brand’s ‘15 Wardrobe Staples You Shouldn’t Live Without’ post was originally written in 2014 and has been regularly updated since with working e-commerce links. Currently ranking first on Google for the high-traffic term ‘fashion essentials’, it’s proof that evergreen content can be just as valuable for fashion brands as for less fast-paced industries.

Designer pieces that are/aren’t worth the investment

Designer fashion is a natural buzzword within the industry and related keywords yield impressive levels of search traffic month after month. Designer pieces are an investment for most, so creating content around which are and aren’t worth the money is sure to generate some interest and social shares.

Reference key designer ‘it’ pieces and you stand a chance of climbing the rankings for these search terms too. In 2016, the Cartier Love Bracelet worn by celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Pippa Middleton amassed a monthly search volume of more than 350,000 hits – proving just how much of an impact ranking for these top designer pieces can have.

Affordable fashion and designer dupes

Another way to rank well for highly sought-after pieces is to create content around affordable alternatives – commonly known within the industry as ‘dupes’. This kind of content is also a natural way for online retailers to incorporate e-commerce links into written and editorial content.

Cult products that attract a high volume of search traffic will naturally perform the best in dupe-style posts. Another way to encourage organic traffic is the ‘get the look’ post, which typically shows users how to achieve celebrity or street style on a budget. Leading online retailer ASOS frequently feature this kind of content on the Inspiration & Advice section of their blog, the Fashion Feed.

How-to and tutorial posts

A metaphorical treasure trove of fashion content, Pinterest this year revealed that ‘how to style leggings’ is their most popular fashion-related search term of all. Consider that ‘how to wear boyfriend jeans’ clocks in at the second most common, and you can see why this kind of content stands you in good stead for generating clicks. Focusing on staple pieces – jeans, t-shirts and ankle boots, for instance – is a good strategy for developing evergreen content that will still be valuable to users weeks, months or even years down the line.

An in-depth guide to styling the latest trends

Similarly, tips and tricks on styling the latest trends are sure to go down well, albeit on a more short-term basis. Fast fashion encourages a quick turnover of trends, many of which attract large spikes in search traffic over a short period of time. Create fresh and informative content when trends are in their infancy to cash in on increased search volumes once they hit their prime.

One of the more prominent trends to hit both the runway and the high street in recent years, culottes are a great example of a fashion staple that’s picked up the pace in terms of search traffic. This once barely-searched term brought in very little interest 5 years ago, only to reach its peak during the summer of 2017 once the trend had become widespread. Forward-thinking brands securing SERP top spots will, therefore, have attracted an influx of clicks once the trend had hit peak popularity.


Consistently engaging fashion content is difficult to get right – regardless of the size and scope of your business – yet its delivery is crucial for attracting clicks and encouraging conversions.

To discover more about how fashion copywriters can produce content that drives engagement, get in touch today.


  • ‘What’s most impressive about Woo is their understanding of how web content can positively impact SEO performance’

    James Stewardson
    SEO Account Director, PHD

  • ‘Woo grasped the style and tone we were looking for instantly and delivered great-quality content on time, every time’

    Vanessa Lenssen
    CEO, GoLearnTo

  • ‘I found Woo to be very diligent and dependable; they even delivered the output before the deadline. I highly recommend them.’

    Roberto Lattanzio
    Head of SEO, Gamepix

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