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Why your Fashion Brand Needs Evergreen Content

Evergreen content – defined as content that isn’t time-sensitive – is an integral part of any content strategy. In an industry as fast-paced as fashion however, it becomes increasingly difficult to produce high-quality content that resists going stale in light of emerging trends.

If fashion brands hope to reap the numerous SEO benefits associated with creating evergreen content, the pressure is on to deliver rich and insightful articles that promise to stand the test of time. From establishing authority to driving traffic, we take a look at why your fashion brand would benefit from an evergreen content strategy, before checking out a few working examples from within the industry.

The benefits of evergreen content:

Evergreen and time-sensitive content seldom work alone, and an effective content strategy seeks to make the best use of both. While producing content that will be of interest to readers season after season is a tall ask for fashion brands, the benefits of integrating an evergreen content strategy can be huge.

Establishing a voice of authority

Fashion copywriters understand that evergreen content is extremely valuable when it comes to establishing your brand as a knowledgeable resource. It’s a great way to demonstrate the passion and depth of knowledge that your brand has on the fashion industry.

An investment in your online real estate

Trends come and go, but quality evergreen content that is fully optimised for SEO is unlikely to fluctuate in SERPs in quite the same way. Claim your stake by targeting fashion-related keywords that incur high search volumes season after season, ensuring your site maintains these rankings.

Supporting additional site content

Implemented correctly, your evergreen content strategy can and should be used to enhance more trend-led, time-sensitive articles that you produce on site. It provides a base for more niche content to link to, ensuring that the user is seamlessly passed from one piece of relevant content to another.

Driving newly engaged audiences over time

Shareability is a vital aspect of evergreen content. Create a resource that users are likely to share elsewhere on the web – on social media, in forums or through the use of backlinks in blog posts and articles. One piece of content has the potential to attract new visitors to your site over weeks, months or even years.

Creating evergreen content for your fashion brand:

Contrary to popular belief, not all fashion industry content lends itself to changing with the seasons. There are a whole host of ways that fashion brands can successfully implement an evergreen content strategy, including:

How-to guides and tutorials: Leading online retailer ASOS frequently includes how-to guides within their Daily Style Feed. Their post on bleaching your own denim proves just how easy it is to incorporate video into evergreen content too. It’s a timeless DIY technique that will continue to attract strong numbers of keyword searches each and every year. Pulling in a constant stream of traffic, that may be tempted to navigate towards other articles and valuable e-commerce pages.

Trend insight and analysis: Trend-led content can be worked in a way that makes it evergreen too. The key here is to choose a trend that isn’t fleeting. Then to provide the user with useful information that will be as relevant in 3 years’ time as it is today. Take a look at the Trend & Subcultures section from FarFetch’s The Style Guide for some inspiration – with articles including The Seventies Fashion Legacy serving as valuable content without a set expiry date.

Inspiration and advice: The web is a hub of style inspiration, so make the most of it by creating relevant content that doesn’t go out of fashion. Lists are great for this, so think about titles beginning with ‘5 ways to style…’ or ‘10 quick and easy tips…’. Keep the topic broad enough to make the content stand the test of time, like high-street retailer Topshop’s guide to iconic Riviera looks or hacks for day-to-night dressing. Even if specific product links expire, the content is still full of valuable tips and information that will remain relevant for years to come.

Fashion is the perfect example of a fast-changing industry that benefits from evergreen content. As a copywriting agency, Woo can implement an effective evergreen content strategy and deliver high-quality copywriting for your fashion brand – get in touch today to find out more.