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Facebook reveal plans for new auto-play video ads

This week saw Facebook finally reveal plans for new auto-play video ads that will be delivered straight into users’ feeds.

The long-anticipated move will go live on the social network in April and will see video ads automatically play for 15 seconds when a user scrolls over them. However, there will be no sound on the videos unless the user clicks them.

The move may be considered slightly controversial but Facebook insist that the innovation to their ad inventory is intended to “create a captive, but not interruptive experience”. Although Facebook have not revealed the brands that will be advertising as part of the initial trial, but they have stated that they hail from a variety of different sectors. Facebook have also said that they will be testing all the video ads before they go live.

As brands increasingly covet users’ news feeds, so Facebook have been examining new ways to provide premium advertising placements, particularly on mobile. They have also announced that the auto-play ads will be measured with “99% accuracy, in terms of total audience reach and the amount of times an ad was seen.” It will be interesting to see how successful the ads are for both brands and Facebook, and perhaps more importantly, the reaction of Facebook’s users.