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EU watchdogs tell Google to revise privacy policy

EU regulators CNIL have requested that Google change their privacy policy or face possible legal action.

CNIL, a French regulator carried out an investigation into Google’s privacy policy after the search giant consolidated 60 separate privacy policies into one agreement.

This move allowed the merging of data from all Google products – Youtube, Google+ and the Android operating system included.

This move has been widely seen as an effort to increase the efficacy of targeted adverts.

CNIL have called for clearer information on how user data is collected and used as well as possibilities for people to control how their information is used.

If Google ignore this call to action, it could result in legal action from the French company, acting on behalf of the 27 members of the European Union.

This will hopefully allow consumers to take back some form of control over the way in which personal information is used by the search giant.

This news coincides with Google’s latest plans to integrate Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive into user search results as well as the FTC’s possible plans to change the way in which paid advertising is displayed on search engines.